10 Powerful Features of Fedena that Makes it the Best Choice for your School

10 Powerful Features of Fedena that Makes it the Best Choice for your School

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What makes Fedena so amazing? Definitely, its interesting features and plugins that give its users a smooth and enriched experience of managing their institution effortlessly. Today, in this article, we will highlight some of those features that makes Fedena to stand out of all!

1. Data Palette: The Future of Fedena: Fedena 3.0 offers an exciting new feature called the Data Palette which when enabled will help you get the new dashboard. The dashlets available on the dashboard are manageable and they get updated in real time. Moreover, the information in the dashlets can be navigated according to the desired date.

2. Custom import now comes with the Bulk edit feature: Another new feature by Fedena 3.1 is the Custom Import bulk editing that allows you to edit custom imports in bulk. For example, if you need to change the blood group for all the new admissions for a particular batch which you have already saved, you can do it effortlessly with the Custom Import Bulk editing, unlike the earlier version that required you to do so on a one by one data basis. Know more

3. AppFrame plugin: The App Frame plugin by Fedena is of great use, particularly when you want to show any third party application (using Fedena API authentication) to the logged-in user without opening the URL separately in a tab. The plugin lets you do the same in your school’s Fedena account itself. Read more

4. API integration: The API system for Fedena offers multiple methods of integrating and extending functionality. API is here to assist you in managing teachers and students effectively, enhance their productivity and develop seamless integration with other software. Fedena API or Application Programming Interface comes with an SSO or Single Sign-On for better security. Know more

5. Data export plugin: Worried about exporting data from Fedena and storing them in your system for further use? Fedena’s data export plugin would facilitate in exporting data. You can store in data in CSV or XML format by exporting them from Fedena and keep them in store for future usage.

6. Consolidated reports of school via the report center: You can avail a CSV file for all possible reports, thus letting you get access to a whole lot of data. So, whether its a detail of all the students or the batches and courses that you have in your institution, you can have a report of it in the CSV format anytime.

7. Sign in with your Google account: Fedena’s Google app integration lets you use your Google account to login to your Fedena account. All your worries of forgetting your Fedena login details now has a smart solution. Use your Gmail account to login and use your Fedena account. For more details, click here.

8. Registration plugin with Payment gateway integration: Applicants to your institution can now pay their fee instantly for registration without coming to the institution physically to do so. The registration plugin of Fedena is now equipped with a payment gateway that lets a student pay online for registration to the institution.

9. The barcode integration: Now you have a smarter way to keep a track of all the library books using the barcode integration. Any new book added or a book being allocated to anyone in the institution can be kept in a record with the barcode integration. A time-saving feature that can save you from spending hours noting down all book entries. Learn More

10. Custom report: The interesting custom report plugin by Fedena can help you to create a report card of students or employees on the basis of particular information. For example, you can create a report of students who belong to the blood group B+ along with their first names, date of birth and gender. Just select the respective info based on which you want the report. Know more.

2 Secret Features:

1. Action search: Having a problem with Timetable creation or extracting Fee Defaulters list? Your solution is the Action Search that is available in the top right-hand side. This innovative feature let the users get access to various other features through a simple search. All you need to do is to type what you want to do with Fedena and get all the matching actions listed quickly.

2. The Language Switcher: One of the least known features of Fedena, the Language Switcher allows each of the users to chose their own specific language to use Fedena, even if English is made the default language by the admin. Users can switch to the language of their choice from their profile at the top-right menu, left to log out button. So, you can use Fedena in Spanish even if the main system is in English. Learn more

2 Latest Features:

1. Form Builder: An upcoming feature by Fedena, the Form Builder helps in creating forms and sharing it with Fedena users. The forms can be created by the admin or the privileged user and can be used as feedback from students about classroom teaching and others.

2. Classroom allocation: Another interesting feature coming up very soon in Fedena is the Classroom Allocation with which you can allocate classroom for any particular subject to students and teachers as well. Based on a timetable entry, the classroom can be allocated on a weekly or a specific date basis. After a room is allocated using the drag and drop method, the same can be done for students and teachers to complete the process.

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