New Update: Fedena 3.1.1 with Additional Features and Usability

New Update: Fedena 3.1.1 with Additional Features and Usability


Fedena 3.1.1 with new features and improved functions. Read the release note below to find out more about the latest Fedena release. You can write to us at with your feedback and suggestions.



User privilege changes in Reminder.
This enhancement brings more facilities to the reminder module and security features to prevent messages being sent between users who do not have direct interaction at the institution level.

The Reminder module now allows sending messages to parents directly. In previous versions messages could not be sent to parent accounts. The admin user has this feature. Employees who are not teachers can send messages to any employee or student. These employees however do not have access to send messages to parents. Employees who have been assigned to teach a subject have the option of sending messages to other employees, students and to parents of employees they teach.

Parents can send messages to teachers who teach their children and to their children also whereas students can send messages to the teachers who teach them, their parents and students in their batch.

reminder_teacher.png1.1 Admin/Teacher View of Reminder Module


1.2 Reminder View of Parent


1.3 Reminder view of an employee who is not a teacher

Edit/Delete for past timetable.
A commonly asked requirement of many users was the ability to edit or delete timetables whose end date had passed and what was effectively called a past timetable. Such timetables had dependencies of attendances and hence were not allowed deletion in previous releases. This feature enhancement asks for the users permission before proceeding to edit/delete timetables. On accepting the warning message the associated data with that timetable like attendances, timetable swaps etc get deleted.

Revert Batch Transfer.
Batch transfer is done to transfer students from one batch to another. However often it may occur that one or more students need to be reverted back to the batch. This feature allows student to revert back to the batch he/she was before the transfer. Reverting to previous batch requires that there are no dependent data in the current batch. A check regarding this is performed for each student in the revert batch transfer page. Eligible students are shown with a clickable checkbox to allow for revert. Other students are listed with a Not Applicable message, clicking on which will show the list of dependencies that is preventing the revert.

Students will not be eligible to revert batch transfer if he/she comes under any one of the following conditions:

  • If they are assigned to the elective subject of the new batch.
  • Fee category is created for the new batch and any type of fee particular category is created for the student. Fee collection date is also created.
  • If a student is assigned to a hostel and hostel fee collection is created for the new batch.
  • If a student is assigned to a vehicle and transport fee collection is created for the new batch.
  • If an Assignment is created for a subject in the new batch and student is assigned to it.
  • If an exam group is created for the new batch where the student belongs and exam scores are published for that exam.
  • If the attendance of the student for the new batch is marked.
  • If an online exam is created for the new batch and if the student appeared for that exam. If the student has participated in the poll conducted by the new batch.


3.1 Batch Transfer View showing eligible and not eligible students

Changes in auto suggest menu.
This enhancement allows the students to be searched by their admission number and employees by their employee number. It is useful for admins to quickly look up students and employees.



Tags to have view edit, delete options in library.
This feature allows tags to be edited or deleted from the Library plugin. Previous releases had the option to add tags when adding books but they could not be edited or deleted. Now it allows to edit and delete tags from the Manage Tags link in Library. If the tag has been used in some books then a “Tagged in Books” warning is shown against the tag name, clicking on which will lead to the books with the tag name.


5.1 Library Tags Edit Page

Integration of Barcode Reader in Library.
This integration provides the user to add barcodes to books and issue/renew books also with the barcode reader. Book addition now has two modes: One to add multiple books without adding the barcode and the other to add one book at a time with the barcode also. On scanning the book with the barcode reader the application will enter the barcode into the field and the required operation like addition, search etc can be done

barcode_issue_book.png6.1 Issue Books with Barcode Reader


6.2 Add Books using Barcode

Displaying Book Count in library based on filters
Displaying Book Count in library based on filters



No need to list the inactive batch inside the time periods.

Increase size of the word Signature in Fee receipts.

Prevent changing the swapped subject through drag and drop in the timetable entries.

Count showing wrong in the attendance report.

If there is no elective subject in elective group then show a message in subject transfer page.

Increase date of birth start year for guardian.

Attendance filter option is not working.

Defaults weekdays are being set for new batch.

Exam control privileged employee does not have the permission to edit the exam group.

“Add New Batch” privileged employee can’t assign/remove students to/from electives.

Deleted elective group name showing in assign subject page after adding a subject.

Subjects with No Exam are not listed in reports (Grouped/Transcripts etc) even if subject was present when exam was created.

Student admission privileged employee have no permission to add the siblings, delete the previous data subjects, add guardian.

Not possible to add a guardian for a student, showing ‘ward id can’t be blank error’ message.

Add a space between No guardian added and Add guardian link.

Add a space between employee category and position name in HR settings.

Employee last name in small caps in edit privilege page.

Student edit page date of birth year limit is not same as Admission Page.

Inactive batches not being filtered in the CCE batch listing pages.

Unable to mark daily attendance.

Can’t mark attendance for swapped subject, since it is not present in timetable.

Should not allow to mark the student attendance for the disable dates through custom import.

Separate country name into name + regional name format.

Invalid Request error in attendance API for subject wise configuration.

Discount created for the students are also importing into the new batch while importing the fees of the previous batch.

Applicant Registration

Show the loader in correct position in register page.

Custom Import

Country full name issue in custom import.

Data palette

SMS Sent Palette does not show time according to set timezone.


Add one space before the admission number in complaints.

Wrong error message showing in complaints edit page at the time of deleting attachment.

Doc Manager

Style issue in doc manager – search label not aligned.


Alignment issue in error message showing in hostel page.


Add star for mandatory fields in store item page.


Style issue in book renewal page.

Only first name of the book is showing in capital letter in student_library_details page.

Going to dashboard while clicking the reserved employee name in the library book show page, here the employee is archived employee.

Online Exam

Add uniqueness in online exam.

Tally Export

Strike the delete option if any dependent data exists.

Error message is not showing at the time of deleting company name.


Selected batch getting refreshed while editing the transport fee collection.

Previous Release notes:
Fedena 3.1
Fedena 3.0

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  1. Good update. Effort is seen by Foradian team to improve! Congratulations! Suggestion: add a edition tools to Message field at Reminder module; ie underline, italic, bold, order list, unorder list, font color, font-size.

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