The All New Additional Leaves Feature by Fedena 3.1

The All New Additional Leaves Feature by Fedena 3.1

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The all-new Additional Leaves feature offered by Fedena 3.1 allows to grant additional leaves to employees and keep a track of it as well. Generally, the leaves allotted to employees of any institution are divided under various categories like casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, etc. An employee who wants extra leaves under any section can be categorized as additional leave. With this feature, you can manage all additional leaves permitted to employees in your institution. This article will assist you to know how the feature works.

How All-New Additional Leaves Works?

1. Login to your account and go to ‘Human Resource’ in ‘Administration’. In ‘Human Resource’, select ‘Employee Leave Management’.

2. ‘Employee Leave Management’ will take you to the ‘Manage Attendance’ page where you need to select the ‘Attendance Register’.

3. ’Attendance Register’, on selection will ask you to select the department for which you need to check the register to mark any of the employees for additional leaves (these leaves will display after exhausting all leaves).

 Easily understand how to manage Attendance Report and Attendance Register in HR module 

4. Once the additional leaves are allocated, you can check the number of additional leaves taken by an employee for which you need to go to ‘Attendance Report’ in ‘Employee Leave Management’ of the ‘Human Resource’ module. Selecting ‘Attendance Report’ will take you to ‘Employee Attendance’ page where you need to select the ‘Additional Leaves’ option.

5. Select ‘Additional Leaves’ and it will take you to the ‘Additional Leave History’ page. Select the month, year and also the department for which you want to know about the employee who had taken additional leaves.

6. In the above screenshot, as you can see, the employee had taken additional leave under the Earned Leave or EL category.

Note: Only the admin or a privileged user can allot and check additional leaves of any employee.

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