The healing touch of music in classroom

The healing touch of music in classroom


“Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

Music, the soothe to our heart and a boost to energy level. We cannot deny the positive effect that music has to the mind- making us happy, energetic, lift the spirit and help to concentrate. Music is beneficial to students as well, helping them focus and memorize. Various studies across time have proved that music can play a huge role in improving classroom activities and enhancing learning capabilities. Moreover, learning appears fun and enjoying when accompanied with music. And if we were to travel back to our childhood days, we all had been through the ‘Alphabet Song’ or the nursery rhyme song days. Music surely made the learning much easier then. It’s not just limited to making nursery rhymes attractive, music can improve the way higher studies are conducted and promote effective student engagement.

Music and its presence in education: How you can incorporate

  • Music can help in attaining student concentration and a lot more attentive students in classroom. And more attentive students can focus on their studies for long and grab more knowledge.
  • Music played during the start of a day in school can help set up a positive mood in students. Or, play it during the time of recess or any break in between classes.
  • Enhance learning activities in your institution by playing music that develops an emotional connection between students and the activities they are engaged to. Researches carried out in various educational institutions shows an increase in engagement among students who are under the influence of music during any learning activity.
  • Plus, it has been seen that music can affect behavioral problems in class and lead to increased performance level among students. Dealing with unruly students becomes a lot easier when music is played in classroom.
  • Learning a foreign language often requires lots of concentration and includes the use of various techniques by teachers in the classroom. And one of the technique is the use of music that is believed to reduce stress and anxieties involved in learning a different language.

The use of music in education is wide; various researches and studies can prove the positive effects that music has on students. It act as a tool for classroom management for the teacher who can make the most of it to improve the quality of learning in classroom.

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