Students can now Select Elective Subjects Easily with Fedena

Students can now Select Elective Subjects Easily with Fedena

Select Elective Subjects

The earlier version of Fedena didn’t allow students to choose elective subjects on their own and it was the task of the admin or the privileged user to choose an elective subject for students on their behalf. With the latest version of Fedena 3.1, students too can opt for their choice of elective subjects. To know more, read this article that describes in detail, how a student can choose an elective subject.

Log in as an admin/privileged user

1. Login to your account and go to ‘Settings’ in ‘Administration’ in the main menu. Once you go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Manage Subject’.

2. Next in manage subject page, select the “Subjects Center”>>”Course Subjects”>>from drop down “Select the course”>>click on “Elective Group”.

3. After Clicking on Elective group the pop up will appear, fill out the details and then click on “Create course elective group”.

4. Next, add the subjects on the “Elective Group”. After this In Subject center page, click on “Link Batches”

5.  Next step is to select the course after that subject will appear, then click on the subject and mark the assign option.

6. Under ‘Manage Subject’, select ‘Course’ and ‘Batch’, then the elective group will appear from there, admin can easily assign the elective subjects to the students by clicking on ‘Assign Student’ option.

Log in as a student to select Elective Subjects

1. If you are a student who wants to select his/her own elective subject, then login to your account. Go to ‘My profile’ in ‘Academics’.

2. On clicking ‘More’, you will get ‘My Subjects’ where you can select your elective subject.

3. Choose any of the elective subjects you want using the ‘Choose elective’ option. Whereas, ‘Remove elective’ option allows you to remove any of the elective subjects you have chosen already.

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