Fedena 3.1 Released with New Features and Improved Functions

Fedena 3.1 Released with New Features and Improved Functions


Fedena 3.1 update is released today. The new update is a part of our constant effort to make Fedena a feature rich and bug free school management software. Fedena is present in 200+ countries and has powered more than 40,000 schools and institutes worldwide. See our plans and pricing page for various options available. You can also write to us at info@fedena.com for any further information.

Fedena 3.1 release note

New features:


  1. Edit option for archived student’s leaving date.

  2. Additional leaves for employees. Read more

  3. Add csv report option along with pdf report in all Fedena reports. Read more

  4. Display guardian name in student profile.

  5. Student to have ability to select electives while admission/batch transfer. Read more

  6. Bread Crumbs for enhanced navigation throughout Fedena. Read more

  7. ‘Manage users’ privilege for employee.


Custom import

  1. Adding grade through custom import in grade wise exam

  2. Edit in Custom Import. Read more



  1. CSV and PDF output for store items, store and suppliers in Inventory module.


Oauth2 Provider

  1. Add CORS headers to the API.



  1. Implement Interswitch payment gateway. Read more



  1. Transport API expansions. Read more

Issues Fixed


  • URL validation is needed in the app frame.
  • Give permission of Manage Apps for General settings privileged employees.

Applicant Registration

  • Chosen elective and normal subjects are not showing in the view applicants page.
  • Should not allow to add the course ,if the minimum elective is more than the maximum elective in the applicant registration.
  • Going to dashboard while entering the search by registration URL directly in applicant registration.
  • Show “Subject Based Collection” above the “Amount” field in registration_courses/new page.
  • Limitation of photo size in admission.


  • Showing other batch student while clicking assigned in assignments.


  • Blog privilege should not allow employees to edit the blog posts of other employees.
  • If the user created any blogs then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.
  • Throwing 500 error while clicking the delete user from the blog posts page.
  • Throwing 500 error in the data palette while deleting the employee permanently, if the employee is created any blogs.


  • Recently we can add user with user name Admin.
  • If the exam is not published then don’t show the exam result for student login.
  • Should not allow to add or edit an user with deleted username .
  • Attendance reports is not getting for elective subjects.
  • Calculation mistake in all subjects attendance report.
  • Going to dashboard while clicking the pdf report of the former student recent exams.
  • Employee search privileged employee have no permission to view the advanced search pdf report.
  • Student control privileged employee should have the permission to admit the students, edit additional details, and add previous data of students.
  • Student view privileged employee should have the permission to view the reports ,transport and hostel details of the students, view refunds etc.
  • Student control privileged employee should have the permission to view the transport and hostel details of the students, view refunds of the students etc.
  • Student control privileged employee have no permission to view the exam report and attendance report of the students if the employee is not associated with any subjects.
  • Batches not listing in view timetable with current timetable.
  • Cannot create Master Fee Category with name having quote (‘).
  • One click payslip generator creating the payslip of the employees who join after the payslip creation date.
  • Discount name validation issue when creating it student admission number wise.
  • Add is_deleted scope for Fee Discount.
  • Search fee refund using fee collection name and date, throwing 500 error while clicking the pagination and pdf report.
  • Throwing 500 error while entering the student transcript report URL directly.
  • Increase precision of assets and liabilities tables in finance.
  • Translation issue.
  • View all and advanced search link is not working for attendance privileged employee.
  • Deleted elective groups are showing while adding the normal subjects.
  • Same additional details are showing two times in archived employee profile.
  • Attendance register is not getting for elective subject.
  • 500 in elective subject attendance report page.
  • Correction in translation overrides between plugin and core.
  • Show Fees paid message in fee pay page.
  • Fee collection is creating without any particular.
  • Deleted batches are listing in fees collection,particular and fee discount creation.
  • “Publish exam result” link in Examination page of Employees with “Enter result”/”View result” privilege.
  • Remove “Publish exam result” link for Enter result/View result privileged employee in examination page.
  • Subject Master privileged employee cannot add elective subject to a elective group.
  • Normal students and employees should not allow to access user module.
  • After updating discount its showing wrongly.
  • Add uniqueness in category batches.
  • If Employee has student control privilege then he cant view all fees now.
  • If employee has only admission privilege then its not showing in upper menu link.
  • Student admission privileged employee can’t admit a student.
  • After paying a fee in fee defaulters there is no option to take pdf of that fee.
  • The employees are not listing while selecting the ‘All department’ in non English languages.
  • Show discount name in alphabetical order.
  • Leave approving manager name is missing in leave form.
  • Wrong error message showing in leave application page.
  • Generate the subject wise report and click the url directly, its going to dashboard.
  • All the students are listing in the subject wise attendance report while filtering the report using the above and equals to option for the elective subjects.
  • Change the style in Batch Transfer page.
  • Parameter list in the API doc does not work in actual.
  • Give permission to view Subject wise CCE report for subject teacher.
  • Transcript report is not getting in CCE.
  • Reduce the performance time for attendance report, while selecting all department the performance time is very high.
  • Validation is not checking at the time of changing password.
  • Give dependency to the leave type if any employee has created the leave application using that leave type.
  • Edit current timetable splits timetable into two even if end date is not modified.
  • Employee with Student View privilege can change immediate contact of student.
  • Amount showing zero in the refund page if we transfer the students to another batch.
  • Wrong pdf showing in generate TC.
  • Throwing 500 error while entering url directly in exam report page.
  • Employee should have the permission to view the all leaves if the employee is a manager of another employee.
  • 500 in user#show_quick_links.
  • Total percentage is not showing in pdf of Exam Wise Report.
  • The leave status is not showing if we update one leave type to another leave after the reset.
  • Serial number is same in news-all pages.
  • Style issue in the archived employee profile if the additional details is too big.
  • Can’t assign class timing set to batches.
  • Repetition of precision label translation.
  • XML output not displayed in Student Photo Upload with API.
  • Some roles missing in Administration menu link tab for privileged employees.
  • Getting 500 in routes#create.
  • Should not show the archived students dues in the additional report.
  • Throwing 500 error while uncheck and save the additional details of employee and student.
  • If there are unpaid fees in the inactive batches then that fees should list in the student wise fee submission.
  • Show rupees symbol (Currency Type) in heading line.
  • Fee defaulters students are not listing in the batch fee collections page.
  • Student transcripts are listed in batch creation order, should be in batch transfer order.
  • Disable the update button in fee collection edit.
  • Student category is not editable even if all fees is shown as paid.
  • Redirect to dashboard when finance fee category selected to view particulars.
  • Javascript issue for none (link) for additional details.
  • Decimal point count showing wrongly in create monthly payslip page.
  • Getting 500 after saving exam score with zero mark.
  • Should not list the batches those have no particulars while creating the discount and fee collection.
  • Fee collection names are not aligned in view refund page.
  • Align the save button to left side in the previous data adding form.
  • Add a space between the text in flash message.
  • Error message style in news/add page.
  • Employee additional details not updating in case of checkbox.
  • Edit additional admission details not updating in case of checkbox.
  • Brackets are broken in rtl language.
  • login_required function should be called first.
  • After changing the weekdays its effects the past attendance report.
  • Already created timetable attendance register form is updating while changing the weekdays in daily wise.
  • Style issue in the exam wise pdf report if the grade name is large.
  • If an error occurred during sending reminders then entered data and selected users removing.

Custom Import

  • Show quick link is not working in custom_reports/show.
  • Reports view privilege name selection showing many times at the time of creating a New Export.
  • Unnecessary columns are coming in export csv.
  • Showing the wrong text in the drop-down list of the custom import show page.
  • Style issue in custom reports show page with Spanish language.
  • Show only the active additional details in the new export creation page.
  • Additional details imported are not shown selected in the edit page, but showing in the view page.

Data Management

  • Page going to dashboard palettes page after clicking on save button in asset_entries page.

Data Palette

  • Throwing 500 error in the data palette while deleting the employee permanently, if the employee is a part of any discussion group.
  • If the employee is applied any leaves then archive that employee, throwing 500 error in the data palettes.
  • Timetable dashlet not displaying timetable according to class timings.
  • Timetable dashlet not displaying timetable.
  • Show-menu is not getting after selecting users.
  • Show flash message in the dashboard if  no dashlets are selected.


  • If the user is the part of discussion, then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.

Doc Manager

  • User document files are not getting after clicking on next button.

Email Alert

  • Can’t transfer a student to another batch.
  • Email going for the parent many times if discarded and allotted the same student again and again.
  • Email alert not sending auto mails for some providers.
  • Unable to send emails from Email alert plugin.
  • Student/Employee admission (With Email alert on creation enabled) not possible if user with name ‘admin’ is not present.

Fee Import

  • Fee selecting page is not coming while admitting a new student, the issue is only in SAAS.
  • Fee status showing paid even if fees not paid, for the fee imported collections.
  • No need to show the fee collection in the import page if the particulars is created for the student using admission number or category wise.


  • If the user is assigned to photo gallery  then should not allow to delete that user permanently,dependency check is needed.
  • Should not possible to add photos in gallery.


  • 500 in hostel delete.
  • Hostel should select by default after clicking on add room from selected hostel page.
  • Show the warden name in alphabetical order.
  • 500 in warden page

Instant Fee

  • Spelling mistake for receipt in the instant fee receipt.


  • Redirecting to dashboard when indents is selected as a normal admin user.
  • Show the voucher number in Inventory finance report page.
  • Purchase order number should be mandatory while creating and editing purchase order in inventory.


  • Library additional details not updating in case of check box.
  • Strike the edit button for borrowed books.


  • Moodle plugin not creating users when student admitted.

Oauth2 Provider

  • API Authorization rules not present for some methods in students controller.

Online Exam

  • Can’t create a question with letter “Q” in online exam.
  • Prevent double click in online exam answer pagination options.
  • Loader style issue in the menu tab while clicking the quick links.
  • Online exams are not showing in view online exam page.
  • Wrong error message showing in online exam view page.


  • If the payment is through online then fine amount is not taking.
  • Style issue in online payment pdf page.


  • If the user vote for one poll, then should not delete that user permanently,dependency check is needed.

Tally Export

  • Flash message is showing in improper places in tally export.
  • Same name is creating twice in voucher name create page while entering the enter button continuously.
  • Same name is creating twice while entering the enter button continuously in the tally export company name adding page and accounts page.


  • Suppose the user is a part of the task then should not delete that user permanently, dependency check is needed.


  • Getting 500 in Employee transport fee collection- direct link.
  • Page error in transport page.
  • Showing flash messages in a improper places.
  • Showing wrong flash message while updating the transport fee collection.
  • Pagination needed in transport fee collection detail page.

 Previous Release Note:
Fedena 3.0

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