Data Management Plugin to Manage any Kind of Data in your Institution

Data Management Plugin to Manage any Kind of Data in your Institution


Managing data in an institution is not an easy task to carry on. Especially, when there are loads of them and very less time to do it. That’s when the Data management Plugin by Fedena comes to the rescue. With this plugin, managing any kind of data in your institution becomes so easy with proper storing of data and managing them effectively. The article will let you know in detailed steps how you use the plugin.

The step by step guide:

  1. Get access to ‘Data Management’ in ‘Data and Reports’ when you select the main menu.
  2. When you select ‘Data Management’, you will land on the page where you get the options to manage data of your institution.
  3. Click on ‘New’ to create new categories for any kind of data management.
  4. Fill in all necessary details about the category you create and also the fields that you want to include under the category. Include as many fields using the ‘Add field’ option. When you store the ‘input method’, you have to select any of the three options available- TextBox, Select Box and CheckBox. ‘Save’ the new data category created.
  5. To fill in further details in the particular data management category that you have created, go back to the ‘Data management-Categories’ page and select the respective category.
  6. Select ‘New Entry’ and go to the page where you need to store the details for each of the categories that you create.
  7. Complete storing up details and ‘Save’.
  8. You can see the details that you store in each category.
  9. If required, you can print the page as well using the ‘Print’ option.
Watch, Understand and Embrace School mangement Software: Video to provide a better overview on Data Management plugin 


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