Create and Manage Campus News with Fedena’s News Feature

Create and Manage Campus News with Fedena’s News Feature

manage campus news

Publishing campus news is easy to create and publish with the News management feature by Fedena. All you need to do is to create the news and publish it for your employees and students to check. Creating news and publishing it is so hassle-free with Fedena. Check out the article and know how effortless the task can be carried out.

Login as admin/privileged user

  • In order to create any news, log in to your Fedena account and go to ‘News’ in ‘Collaboration’ tab.
  • Select ‘News’ and reach the ‘School News’ page. There you can create fresh news.
  • To add fresh news, click on ‘Add’.
  • Create fresh news and publish it. Once the publication is done, the students and employees can see the campus news in their profile too.
 Watch, Learn and Grow: Completely understand how to create and manage Campus News with Fedena

Log in as a student or an employee

  • When you log in as an employee or a student, you need to go to ‘News’ in ‘Collaborate’ tab.
  • Select ‘View all’ and select the fresh news that you need to read.
  • Click on the news to see the details and can also leave any comment if you want.

Note: As an admin or a privileged user, you have the right to do comment moderation before they go public. For this, you need to go to ‘General Settings’ in ‘Settings’ available in ‘Administration’.


Select ‘Enable News Comment Moderation’ option which will allow you publish moderated comments on news created.



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