College Girl Develops Attendance Tracker App

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Nokia’s ‘Your wish is my app’ contest saw the birth of an app that can keep a systematic track of assignments and attendance of students, thus letting the student keep a knowledge of their performance in class. This app has been developed by Devyani Ruhela, a second year civil engineering student at B.M.S College of Engineering, Bangalore and is expected to solve the much prevailing problem of attendance management among students in India. ‘Bunking Buddy’ as the app is called, seems to be an ideal solution to the problem of missing out on classes and keeping a track of it.

How it works? Well, the app ‘Bunking Buddy’ will ask the students to feed in timetable and subjects along with the minimum attendance that is required to be updated and also keep a record of the classes attended or bunked. So,students can easily keep a proper track of their attendance in class. Besides, the app will also act as a reminder for assignment deadlines, tests and other class events. In short, the perfect organizer that can smoothen student life.

It was an initiative by Nokia who hosted a reality television show on application that prompted Ruhela to get the idea that was selected from more than 61,000 app ideas as one of the thirty entrees. Later, Ruhela got assisted by designers from Nokia to create the appearance of her app.

Ruhela doesn’t support bunking classes. And what made the idea pop up? As she says, “Being a college student, I know how difficult it is to remember and keep a track of the various deadlines for assignment and tests. Skipping classes is common, and it helps to have a track on it to prevent shortage and this idea can help students prevent shortage at the end of the year.” The idea is still in the development stage and is expected to affect students of all levels to plan and organize their attendance problems.

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