Interesting must-have apps for e-learners

Interesting must-have apps for e-learners


E-learners have to stay updated with the constant evolvement taking place in the world of e-learning. With every passing day, new and advanced technologies being introduced to facilitate education and learning. And if you an e-learner, you must be well-equipped with all the latest apps to speed up your learning activities. To help you out, we have compiled some of the must-have apps for e-learning. Check out what are they as you go through the article.

TED: The free to use TED app is the perfect choice to gather knowledge from some of the best thinkers in the world. Downloading the talks of great people are allowed with TED and all you need to do is to download the ‘My Talks’ and incorporate into your learning at your ease. Available @ Google Play, Windows Store, iTunes App Store Another free app, allows the content organization to let you stay updated with the latest trends and development in your concerned industry. Use this app and select, organize and publish any kind of content gathered from other posts from anywhere on the web. Sharing your organized content in social media is so easy and exciting. Available @ Google Play, iTunes App Store

Trello: An amazing organizational app, it lets you manage all your important tasks, dividing huge projects into easy small steps to accomplish. Trello is perfect if you have a group project as it helps you with division and completion of the project with less effort. Available @ Google Play, Windows Store, iTunes App Store

Evernote: Find it hard to remember things from your daily life? Then you should surely go for Evernote and store all images, files, notes, web pages, audio, and a whole lot of other things and get access to them whenever and from anywhere you want. And it’s free! Available @ Google Play, Windows Store, iTunes App Store, Blackberry

Learnist: Follow great thinkers, topics, and tags and extract information for learning and share with others as well. Another free app for you! Available @ Google Play, iTunes App Store

GoToMeeting: Connect with your colleagues from anywhere in the world for meeting using the GoToMeeting app which is available for free for installation, but requires an in-app purchase. View presentations and reports as well as share screens using the reliable and easy-to-use app. Available @ Google Play, Windows Store, iTunes App Store

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