Extract Report on Fees Defaulter Details using Fedena

Extract Report on Fees Defaulter Details using Fedena

 Report on Fees Defaulter

Fedena 3.0 is loaded with the amazing report generating feature that lets you extract different types of report. Today, as you go through the article, you will come to know how you can extract reports on details of students who are fee defaulters in each batch of a particular course.

How to extract fee defaulter details report

1. Go to ‘Reports’ through ‘Data and Reports’ that you reach on clicking the main menu. Once you go to ‘Reports’, select ‘Students Fees Defaulters Details’ in it.

2. ‘Fees Defaulters Details’ will help you know about the students who are fee defaulters from each course and the corresponding batches in each of the courses.

3. On clicking the student “Name”, take you to the student profile, where “Fees” under “More” you can check status on all paid and unpaid fees.

4. Also, track the fees defaulter batch-wise. First, in ‘Reports’ through ‘Data and Reports’, click on ‘Fee Collection Details.

5. Next click on any ‘Batch Name'(as shown in the below screenshot).

5. From there you can easily extract the list of fee defaulters in a single click.

Additional: The ‘Balance’ mentioned in each of the stages of the report is the total amount due to the respective course or batch or fee collection name or any particular student. If required, you can export all the reports in CSV format as well.

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