Classroom: The ‘More teaching, less tech-ing’ free app by Google Apps for Education


We are no strangers to the revolution that Google has brought in education. Educational contents, innovative tools and budget devices; Google has been playing a huge role in boosting classroom productivity. Google’s latest launch- Classroom is the new addition to Google Apps for Education. What does it do? Well, this collection of web apps is perfect for teachers to create and manage any kind of assignments, communicate with class and provide feedback to students.

Google’s Classroom, still in preview, brings together Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail to help teachers with their management of assignments and communication with students. And it’s not just a help to teachers alone; students too, can make the most of it in organizing and completing their assignments and initiate proper communication with teachers.

This new, free tool from Google will allow you to:

  1. Create and manage classroom assignments using Google Drive, Docs and Gmail. The best part about Classroom is that it helps you to keep a watch on who all have completed the assignments and offer the students, some effective feedback!
  2. Stay updated and well organised on assignments, particularly if you are a student in due of an assignment page. The tool helps teachers to create separate Drive folders for each assignment for each of the student.
  3. Develop proper communication in the class, encourage comments and questions from students in real time.

Google expects Classroom to be available in all schools using Google Apps for Education by September. And it won’t contain any form of ads. Nor does it uses any student data or user content for advertisement purposes. Interested education professionals are given a chance to try it out for which they need to apply for a preview of the tool! This latest education effort by Google will surely be something to watch out for.

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