Generate reports on hostel easily with Fedena 3.0

Generate reports on hostel easily with Fedena 3.0


Hawkeye view on all day to day hostel activities with Fedena Hostel Reports 

If you are thinking of generating a report on hostel activities in your institution, then the new version of Fedena 3.0 has an amazing solution to it with its new report generating feature. With the help of this feature, you can generate a report on all hostel activities like the number of rooms available in each hostel, rooms occupied by students and so on. If you want to know more, then read this article that describes everything in relation to generating a report on a hostel in detail.

How to Generate the Hostel Reports

1. Log in to your Fedena account and go to ‘Hostel’ in ‘Quick Links’ in the main menu. Once you go to the ‘Hostel’, you will find the ‘report’ option.

2. Select ‘Report’ and go to the hostel reports page.

Here, you can see the different hostels you have created in your school; what is the type of the hostel- is it meant for boys or girls; total rooms available in each hostel; the available rooms out of the total rooms; the number of occupied rooms as well as the warden-in-charge of the hostel. You can click on the number of ‘Total rooms’, ‘Available rooms’ and ‘Occupied rooms’ to see the details of each. Click on the number of ‘Total rooms’ of the respective hostel you want to see.

3. You can even click on each ‘Room Number’ to know the details of the room. You can do the same with ‘Available rooms’ and ‘Occupied rooms’. In case you want to see the students who are occupying rooms, you should select the ‘Occupied rooms’ of the particular hostel and select the ‘Room number’.

You get details of all the students who occupy the room. You can click on the particular student to go to their profile. You can also know about the warden by selecting the warden’s name. Get all the reports in CSV format as well.

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