Generate Employee Subject Association Report Easily with Fedena School ERP

Generate Employee Subject Association Report Easily with Fedena School ERP

Generating a report that has in details, everything related to teachers and the subjects that they are associated with in different batches in your institution is such a blessing, when you need it and don’t have the time to prepare manually. The new version of Fedena 3.0 is loaded with amazing report generating feature that helps extracting various types of reports. Today, we talk about how you can generate a report to know about the association of employees and subjects as well as batches. The article below will describe in details how the report can be generated.

1. Login to your Fedena account and click on the ‘Data and Reports’ tab on selecting the main menu. Select ‘Reports’ in ‘Data and Reports’ where you will find the different reports. Click on ‘Employee Subject Association Details’. See the screenshot below:

2. Select ‘Employee Subject Association Details’ to generate the report and see the employee and subject association for all the batches in your institution.

3. The report show details of the employees and the subjects that he/she is associated with or teaches in a particular batch. The associated batch of the particular employee or teacher is also mentioned. In case you want the report in CSV format, you can get it using the ‘Export as CSV’.

4. Moreover, to get details about the particular employee, you can click on the name which will take you directly to the employee profile.

Thus, you have a complete report on all employees teaching various subjects in different batches.

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