Fedena 3.0 can Generate Report on Former Employees

Fedena 3.0 can Generate Report on Former Employees


Now, you can extract a report on all the former employees of your institution. This is possible with the help of the Reports feature in the brand new version Fedena 3.0. This amazing feature allows you to generate a report on various activities in your institution including a report on all former employees too. Read on and find out how you can get details about former employees using the Former Employee report option.

1. To extract Former Employee report, you need to go to ‘Former Employees Details’ in ‘Reports’ which can be reached by navigating through ‘Data and Reports’ in the main menu.

2. Selecting ‘Former Employees Details’ will take you to the former employee details page where you can generate the report.

3. To generate the report, you have to first select the date limit for which you want the report. Once you select the date limit, you will get the report for the respective time period.

4. The former employee report is generated for the respective time period. You get all the details about how many male employees are on the list and how many females. If you want to know more about the particular former employee, you can go to his /her profile by selecting either ‘Name’ or ‘Employee ID’. Extract the report in CSV format too!

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