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Fedena 3.0 is all packed up with new features which include report generation as well. Today, we will talk about the book movement report that helps you generate a report on students who have issued books from the library and who are to return their books by the due date. Read the article and know how you can get a report on the movement of books in the library.

How to Extract the Book Movement Report

1. Log in to your Fedena account and go to ‘Library’ in ‘Academics’ that you can find in the main menu.  Click on ‘Library’ and you will find the option ‘Movement Log’.

2. Click on ‘Movement Log’ and go to the page to know who have been issued books and who all are supposed to return their books on the due dates.

3. You can search for students involved in book movement by using two options- either using ‘Due Date’ or ‘Issue Date’. Whatever option you choose, you need to select a date as well for which you want the report. If you want to see students with books issued on a particular date, select ‘Issue date’ and the particular date to get the report.

4. You can extract the report in CSV format.

In case, you want to know about the students who are supposed to return their books on a particular due date, select the date and get the report.

In this case, too, you can extract the report in CSV format.

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