5 Google Tools to use in Learning

5 Google Tools to use in Learning


How many times do you use the Google search tool in a day when you have to look for some information? Google search is free of cost and is perhaps the first and last choice when we need to search for information. You may not be known but there are other free Google tools as well that are highly user-friendly. Some of the Google tools can be of great use to students and teachers and help them in learning. Read and know what are the tools that can be used in the classroom for learning. These tools are absolutely free!

Google Forms:

Use the Google Forms to conduct surveys in class for some assessment of projects or for anything else. Polling in class can become easy with the forms which also allows you to export your data to spreadsheets and do all your calculations and analyzing your data.

Audio comments:

Google Drive documents allow you to record comments and share it with others. This is a great tool for teachers as well as students for they can record their comments on projects or other works and share it with each other. Audio comments are often very helpful to understand sound phrases and various other things that might get lost in written conversations between teachers and students.

Image Search:

The Image Search option by Google is an excellent image directory where you can search any image without writing the description for the photo. Instead, take a photo or upload one to search something similar to it, particularly when at times, you might not remember the name of the object that you are looking for. Students looking for pictures for their projects can make the most of the Image Search tool by Google.

Google Moderator:

This tool is excellent when it comes to creating communication between students or teacher and student. Perfect for asking questions or giving out suggestions or even sharing ideas. If you ask any question, users can answer your question via Youtube as well. Students can make the optimum usage of the tool in carrying out classroom projects where a lot of ideas are to be shared and some question-answer sessions needed to share experiences and views.

Research tool:

Students making presentations for classroom project can use the Research tool that helps to store information in the presentation or the document in Google Drive from the web. All it does is that it adds a sidebar to the document where you can search for information from the web. Besides, you can expect suggestions for your work too! The preview option lets you preview all searches you have made; insert images or any other clips to your document.  The ‘cite’ option lets you mention websites from where you get information. Perfect for writing research papers.

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