Set Class Timings Feature for Drawing out Classes for each Batch

Set Class Timings Feature for Drawing out Classes for each Batch


Perhaps, the most tiring task in running an educational institution is to create class timings for various batches and a lot them. Different batches will have distinct timetables for subjects. So, it has to be created with much care. Fedena’s Set class timings feature is here to help you out in your task. Read this article and find out how you can set class timings and allot it to different batches in your institution.

Know how the feature works

1. Go to your Fedena account and go to ‘Timetable’ in ‘Academics’ which you will reach after you click on the main menu. Once you reach the ‘Timetable’, you can click on ‘Set class timings’ in it.

2. Click on ‘Set class timings’ and go to ‘New’ in the page.

3. Click on ‘New’ to name the new class timing set.

4. Once you have named the new class timing set and submitted, click on ‘Class timing sets’ to see all the class timing sets created and select the one you have just created and fix the timings for each class.

5. The above screenshot shows the way you can create a timetable for different classes with the help of the option ‘Add’. Next, you allot the batches to the respective timetable by going to ‘Set Weekdays and Class Timing Set’ in ‘Timetable’.

6. Choose the particular class/course timing set and select the batch and click on the respective arrow to take it to under the Assigned Batches category and vice versa.

7. Your next step would be to create and allot the timetable to respective batches. To create the timetable and for this, you need to go ‘Manage Timetable’ in ‘Timetable’ home page.

8. After creating new timetable select the time allocation option

9. On clicking, you reach a page where you will be selecting the batch to which you want to allot the timetable.

10. After selecting the batch click on ‘manage allocation’, you will land up on the page where you can select a subject and add an employee.

This is a timetable and you can add subjects in the different class timings.

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