How to Delete Obsolete Entries from your Institution’s Fedena Account

How to Delete Obsolete Entries from your Institution’s Fedena Account


We at Fedena, have been getting feedback from our prestige customers how they had problems in deleting junk entries. There are at times, the need to delete entries which have become obsolete or no more in use. In that case, the entry should be deleted in order to avoid more clutter. Go through this article and find out how you can do it with Fedena.

1. Login to your account and go to ‘Students’ in ‘Academics’ in the main menu. Click on ‘Students’ and you land on the page where you need to search for the particular student you want to delete.

2. Type the student’s name whom you want to delete and click on the name.

3. Click on the ‘Delete’ option as shown in the figure. Once you click on ‘Delete’, you will land on the page where you will be asked how you want to delete the entry.

4. If the student is leaving the institution, then click on the option ‘Student leaving institution’ and you will also have to store the reason for which the student is leaving the institution and ‘Save’.

5. If you want to remove the entire record of the student, then click on ‘Remove student records’.

One point should be noted that if a student who is supposed to be deleted has already been assigned exams and other things, then you first need to delete the exams and then delete the student.

You will have to follow the same method in case you want to remove any junk entry from the employee list. To reach the employees, you have to go to ‘Human Resource’ in ‘Administration’. ‘Employee Search’ option can be found in ‘Human Resource’ and the rest, you have to follow the same process as with student deletion.

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