Blogging as an Effective Tool for Teaching

Blogging as an Effective Tool for Teaching


With classes becoming more and more technologically driven, traditional methods of teaching are getting replaced by more advanced modes, books are fading away to make roads for new media like tablets and smartphones. Teachers are no more reading pages after pages to students in the classroom. Instead, they are using various social media platforms to teach and communicate with students. Among all other platforms being used as a learning tool, blogs are slowly gaining popularity as more and more teachers are introducing blogging in the classroom. In this article, we bring to you some effective ways by which blogging can be used in learning.

Before you start with blogging, you must know what exactly a blog means. A blog is like a journal or a diary, but virtual which is shared with an audience. Blogs are generally informal and relaxed and are dedicated to all kind of topics. Blogs also allow its audience to take part in discussions in the form of comments.

How teachers can use blogs as a tool for effective teaching

  • Being the teacher, you can use your blog to post information or even important content and resources for students to research for classroom tasks. Post any assignments for your students and also display works by them so that concerned parents of these kids will get an idea about your teaching in the classroom.
  • Blogs are the right place to let your students get a picture of what they can expect from the upcoming class and hence, students can spend some time in preparing for the class.
  • Showcase your student’s performances by sharing their works in your blog. Encourage them to create fresh contents, videos, and other multimedia presentations and share them with the world. This will motivate your students to do better in the future and let the world appreciate their performance.
  • Use your blog to do an assessment of your students’ performance. Ask them questions or make them participate in quizzes to measure their learning or ask them to deliver presentations on their classroom learning. Your valuable comments at the end can act as an assessment of their performance.

When you are using a blog as an important medium of classroom teaching, make sure you choose the right platform to do it. Choose a secure site to do so.,, and Blogger from Google are some free and secure sites for you to start your blogging.

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