Precision Count in Fedena

Precision Count in Fedena

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There are loads of various features added onto the brand new Fedena 3.0 and one among them is Decimal Point Precision.We all know that managing Decimal Point Precision is quite important in institutions, especially in areas like  Finance. Whenever the institutions are  keen with the precision, decimal precision is the feature with utmost importance. So Fedena 3.0 comes with the feature of adding the decimal precision in the Finance module.

Its as simple as it can get and you need not to go through a series of settings to do so. All you need to do is merely  mention the required Precision count in the Settings -> General settings.


So, Every time a user enters a field up in the Finance module, he is restricted to feed only 2 digits after after the decimal point with the settings above.Foradian_222.png

Thus, you can avoid any iota of confusion with the figures and adding more accuracy in your transactions.

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