New Fedena 3.0 Dashboard: All That you Need to Know

New Fedena 3.0 Dashboard: All That you Need to Know


The brand new version of Fedena 3.0 offers some exciting features and one such feature is the amazing Fedena dashboard that has undergone huge change. Read this article and know what is awaiting you in the dashboard of Fedena 3.0.

The New Dashboard in School Management Software

1. Fedena 3.0 comes with a new plugin called the Data Palette which if enabled will help you get the new dashboard.

2. Each of the slabs is called dashlets and you can manage the dashlets using the ‘Manage Dashlets’ option. Once you click it, you get all the options from where you can select your dashlets.

3. Select the options you want and click on ‘Save’ or else, click on ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to select anything.

A very important aspect about the dashlets is that they get updated in real time. You can also navigate the information in each of the dashlets according to the desired date.

Click on the signs as marked by the arrows to navigate the information according to dates.

Another amazing feature of the new Fedena dashboard is that all the features and plugins are arranged properly under group names.

All the marked fields are the one under which the plugins, features and all other options are stored. If you click on the fields, as one is done for you, you get all the options that are stored in the field. You can also manage the quick links using the ‘Manage Quick Links’ option. Click on the option and the page you land is shared below in a screenshot:

Choose the quick links that you want to have and click on ‘Submit’ and you are done!

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