Fine Generation Feature for Smarter Fee Collection

Fine Generation Feature for Smarter Fee Collection


Fine Generation in Fees management system

The brand new version of the award-winning student management software, Fedena 3.0 is here with a lot of new amazing features for smoother user experience. One such exciting feature is the Fine generation that will allow you to create fine for late fee payment. Check out this easy to use a feature in the article and see how it can manage your fees and fines so easily.

How does it work?

1. Go to your Fedena account and click on the menu option to go to the ‘Fees’ option in ‘Finance’. Once you are in ‘Fees’, you will find the ‘Generate Fine’ option in ‘Create Fees’.

2. Click on ‘Generate Fine’ and you will get the page where you need to fill in all necessary information to create the fine generation form.

Name the fine, the date and also the fine amount. Mention the mode of fine you want to impose- either in percentage or an exact amount. If you want to create many more fine slabs like this with different due dates, click on the option ‘Add fine slab’.

3. The next step you need to follow is to collaborate the fine generation form with fee collection for which you need to go to ‘Schedule fee collection’ in ‘Fees’. ‘Create fee collection’ in ‘Schedule fee collection’ will help you with the collaboration.

Click on ‘Create Fee Collection’ and reach the page where fill in all details for fee collection.

Select the particular fine generation that you have created and also a start and end date for the fee collection beside the due date failing which, the student will have to pay the fine.

4. When a student pays his/her fees along with fine, go to ‘Collect the fees’ in the ‘Fees’ section and then select ‘Fee submission for each student’. Search for the student and select the Fee collection date.

Here, you can see the student is paying fine for fee payment delay. Once you receive the fees, click on ‘Pay Fees’ and you can also print it using the ‘Print receipt’ option.



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