How it Works: Document Manager plugin by Fedena

Document Manager plugin by Fedena


Easily manage all Documents with Document Manager Plugin

A great plugin to manage all your documents- create documents, share with other members, store information in folders and all necessary function related to your documents; that’s the Document Manager plugin by Fedena. Check out this article to know what all this plugin has in store for you to manage all your documents.

Log in to your Fedena account and select ‘Documents’ in ‘Collaboration’ after you select the Main Menu. A screenshot of the ‘Documents’ page is given below:

As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to manage documents. Read below to find how each of the options will help you in your task.

Shared docs: Shared docs are all those documents which are shared with you by someone else. You get to see the person’s name as well by the name of the document.

Privileged docs: You need to create a new folder for privileged documents and share it with a selected group of people who can upload documents into the folder. For this, you need to click on ‘Create’ option on the right-hand top. Click on ‘Create’ and then select ‘Privileged Docs’.

Create a folder and share it with members from the selected department. Once privileged members are chosen, the respective members can see the folder in their Privileged docs tab.

Favorite docs: Favorite documents are those which you consider as your favorite by clicking on the star mark by the side of the document.

Recent docs: Recently created and saved documents comes under the Recent docs option. It will show the documents according to recent dates.

User docs: You can create separate folders to store documents of students or employees. For this, you need to select ‘User-specific docs’ in ‘Create’.

Once you are done with creating the folder, click on ‘User docs’ and search for any particular user and see all the documents related to the person. Click on ‘User doc’ and type the particular name in the search bar.

Type the user’s name in the search bar and you get the documents of the respective user below.

The folders will contain documents of all students or employees whoever you select and when you search for a particular user, all the folders containing the corresponding documents of the person will be shown.

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