And we Bring to you Fedena 3.0 with all New User Experience and Improved Functions

And we Bring to you Fedena 3.0 with all New User Experience and Improved Functions

Award-winning student management software Fedena is all set with its big version- Fedena 3.0 for its pro customers. Fedena has come a long way, adding new feathers to its cap, right from Fedena 0.1 version release to the present version. A highly user-friendly software, Fedena 3.0 brings more new features and plugins for a better and smoother Fedena experience. Read on and find out more about the new version and its new features as well as the issues that have been met with.

New features in Fedena Core:

  1. Consolidated Dashboard. Click on the link to see how the new dashboard looks ->
  2. Automatic Fine Generation – Fine slabs can be defined.
  3. Refund fee – Fee refund rules can be defined.
  4. Added Leaving date in the TC generated.
  5. Marks to be displayed along with Grade in assessment and subject wise report in CCE.
  6. Updated Country list.
  7. Introduced Timetable Tracker. Read more
  8. Additional Reports added.
  9. Finance reports under new link.
  10. Removed single access token (Applicable for API integration).
  11. Decimal precision added in finance (The decimal points needed can be defined).
  12. More user friendly UI for text area is introduced (News addition, Online Exam).

Issues fixed in Fedena Core:

  1. Style issue in student subject rank page.
  2. Theme issue in student batch rank page.
  3. Style issue in PDF of timetable page.
  4. Style issue in the fee submission form.
  5. Exam details are not showing up in the calendar for the newly admitted student.
  6. Going to dashboard while editing the FA groups.
  7. Going to dashboard while reverting the transaction from the defaulter’s page.
  8. Not showing any flash message while sending SMS to all.
  9. Not able to add fine in fees defaulters page.
  10. Style issue in fees particulars new page.
  11. Style issue in breadcrumb in rejected payslip edit page.
  12. Graduate a student who have pending fee then it getting 500.
  13. No need to show overall report without adding all the marks.
  14. Parent should not have the permission to view the calendar.
  15. Style issue in subject wise attendance report page.
  16. All elective subjects are showing in calendar page of students.
  17. Flash message style in Assign FA Groups page.
  18. Validation is not checking at the time of creating Class Designations.
  19. Should not allow the students to delete the events.
  20. Only show the selected subjects in the student attendance report page.
  21. Wrong exam showing in student calendar page.
  22. If currency type is not set then take default currency type.
  23. Loader is showing in the same place while selecting the different options in discount.
  24. In RTL error box image showing in left side.
  25. Theme issue in the previous data edit page.
  26. Show the amount up to two decimal places in fee defaulters PDF page.
  27. Style issue in add fine button.
  28. Swapped employee should have the permission to mark attendance of swapping dates for a particular swapped batch subject.
  29. Salary transaction report should be fetched from finance transactions.
  30. Attendance Report calculating end date for total working days of overall report as today’s date.
  31. Select a batch should come by default in timetable view page.
  32. Show flash message below the bread crumbs in all pages.
  33. Show the error message in same page of transcript report page.
  34. Flash message style issue in ranking level report page.
  35. Show the loader image in correct position in FA Scores page.
  36. Style issue in text area for news view page.
  37. Style issue in news in RTL.
  38. Show the loader image in correct position in create timetable page.
  39. Style issue in attendance report page.
  40. 500 in exam report page.
  41. Not be possible to apply the leave for a particular employee, showing some dates are already approved.
  42. Style issue in PDF of transcript report.
  43. Loader is showing in the same place while selecting the different options.
  44. Getting 500 in attendance register page.
  45. Remove full stop from heading in Reset employee leave page.
  46. Error message style in add payroll page.
  47. Style issue in Payment history option.
  48. Flash message is not hiding after refreshing the page in CCE Grade Sets page.
  49. Show the student ranking report in middle of the PDF page.
  50. If timetable exists then should not allow to edit start date and end date for a batch.
  51. After editing a subject exam page should redirect to the same page.
  52. Show the header in middle of Employee department attendance PDF page.
  53. Throwing 500 error in the income list PDF if the receipt number is nil.
  54. Style issue in PDF of expense report.
  55. No need to show the unpublished exam in calendar.
  56. Suppose we applied and approve the two half day leave for the same date, then the count showing 0.5.
  57. The employees have no option to cancel or delete the pending leaves.
  58. Showing Count in error messages only in RTL language.
  59. Event Management privileged employee should have the permission to view, edit and delete all events.
  60. IF no weekdays is created then it should take common weekdays by default.
  61. Edit Transaction resets the date of transaction back to the current date.
  62. Style issue in the employee salary report.
  63. Throwing 500 error while changing the date from the URL in the salary report.
  64. Deleted subject name showing in attendance report drop-down box for privileged employee login.
  65. Batch name is not showing in attendance register drop-down box for employee have the privilege of “Student Attendance Register”.
  66. It is possible to create the discount more than 100 percentage for the particular amount.
  67. After Clicking on cancel button please wait is showing in batch transfer page.
  68. Change the confirmation message in batch transfer page.
  69. Wrong error message showing in Batch transfer page.
  70. In Student View, if there is no current timetable then no timetable flash is shown even if student has future and past timetables.
  71. Add fine button is hiding while entering the tab button in the student wise fee submission form.
  72. Spelling mistake in batch transfer flash message.
  73. Style issue in calendar view page.
  74. Only show the available plugin name in the list of category name in the revert transaction advanced search page.
  75. There should be the option to remove the grade from the exam result enter page if the exam is created in grade wise.
  76. Should not show the blank table while searching the students in the student fee search page.
  77. Show character limitation message at the time of adding and editing an event.
  78. If there is no data to show then show a message in Donors page.
  79. 500 in scheduled jobs page.
  80. It is possible to create the discount more than the total payment.
  81. Not showing validation error in the name field if we change the due date before start date, and showing extra dot in the error message while editing the fee collection.
  82. Same name is creating twice in student category, here space is also accepting as characters.
  83. Back button is not needed in the particulars listing page.
  84. Going to dashboard while selecting the prompt option second time.
  85. Serial number showing wrong in the student fee receipt PDF.
  86. Wrong error message showing at the time of adding previous batch fees.
  87. Unable to create individual payslip category.
  88. Dashboard redirection when Payslip of archived Employee is viewed in reports or archived profile.
  89. Style issue in news.
  90. Search the reverted transaction using underscore, throwing 500 error if the instant fee plugin is not there.
  91. Throwing 500 error while entering the URL directly in finance report page.
  92. Should not reflect any changes made to the student category in the fee submission form of the existing fee collections.
  93. Getting 500 after adding and editing FA group.
  94. Privileged employee have no permission to view the leave status, while clicking the leave date going to dashboard with message ‘You are not allowed to view that information.’
  95. Login to hr privileged employee and go to leave management, and then select employees from the all record option, going to dashboard.
  96. Login to hr privileged employee and apply leave without select any leave, getting 500 error.
  97. Should not accept characters while editing the rejected payslip.
  98. Style issue in the edit additional details page.
  99. Should not be showing error message if we try to send to SMS to students, batch, employees and departments without select any option.
  100. Prevent illegal character entry in Payslip of employee.
  101. Getting 500 error while changing the date from the URL.
  102. Additional Reports CSV export optimization.
  103. Same name with space is also accepting while creating the category, if the name is already taken.
  104. Save button style issue in the employee admission form only when the language is in Spanish and some other languages.
  105. Correct the subtitle name in PDF report of advance student search.
  106. Change the error message showing while marking the employee attendance before the reset date.
  107. After editing a rejected payslip page should redirect to rejected payslip page.
  108. Hide inactive department name from drop-down box.
  109. Hide Flash message after refreshing the page in leave reset setting.
  110. Change the flash message after deleting and archiving an employee.
  111. After archiving a student show flash message as “Student – {admission number} archived successfully.
  112. Theme issue for the weekdays in the subject wise attendance register only in RTL language.
  113. Go to the student login and select a timetable date, going to dashboard only for some dates.
  114. Change flash message “Subject de assigned successfully” to “Subject unassigned successfully”
  115. Insert any characters between the id and date in the edit rejected payslip URL, getting 500 error.
  116. Getting 500 error while changing the URL of the employee payslip.
  117. Style issue in the additional details show page if the name is too large.
  118. Error message style issue in Employee Category page.
  119. Change “student Profile ” to “Profile ” in student profile page.
  120. Add Profile link in Leave page of employee login.
  121. Income list PDF styles are broken in RTL language.
  122. Password is resetting to default password while changing the batch from student profile edit.
  123. Should not show the batches which does not have any timetable entries in the timetable view.
  124. Employee leaves count showing wrong.
  125. Flash message showing in the unwanted places also.
  126. Show a flash message after updating fee in student page.
  127. Change the date from the view employee payslip page, getting 500 error.
  128. Show “Select a subject” in subject drop box at the time of adding subject amount.
  129. If all the student additional field are inactive or there is no additional field then don’t show “(Add additional Details)” in student profile.
  130. Add fine button is not seen in the student fee submission page only in Mozilla Firefox.
  131. If no fee category is imported during creating a batch then show a message there.
  132. Change the message style in student search, view all page.
  133. If there is no result found in employee search then show a message.
  134. Show Fee Discounts content in middle of the page.
  135. Before deleting a fee category check if fee collection is created for that fee category.
  136. Income list PDF style is disordered in RTL.
  137. Remove date from the salary date field and click go getting 500 error.
  138. Date field should be read-only in donation adding page.
  139. Employee HR privilege not sufficient to Delete Employee.
  140. After change the date and save the rejected payslip getting 500 error, make the date field read-only.
  141. Throwing 500 error while clicking forgot password link.
  142. Grade is not showing in employee and archived employee PDF report.
  143. Pin code is not showing in archived student profile, generate custom report, data export.
  144. Employee individual payslip throwing error while changing the salary date and employee id from the URL.
  145. Employee individual payslip PDF throwing 500.
  146. Student Birth Place is not visible in many areas.
  147. If the employee is a batch tutor of the two batch, but in the attendance report only showing the one batch, in attendance register showing both batch.
  148. Getting 500 error while selecting department in subject assigning page.
  149. Login to one batch tutor and go to the attendance reports then select a batch, going to dashboard while selecting a batch in daily wise attendance type.
  150. Batch tutor should have the permission to mark the attendance for the batch in daily wise attendance type.
  151. Fields are not marked mandatory in fee discount creation form.
  152. Login to one student and click the timetable, going to dashboard.
  153. Make Future Date Attendance prevention Time Zone Compatible.
  154. 500 in Attendance register (subject wise) when subject is selected.
  155. Exam type check box are not aligned in general settings page while the language is in RTL.
  156. Employee Leaves Discrepancies in various pages.
  157. Going to dashboard while selecting ‘Select Fees category’ prompt option in the view discount.
  158. Disable form after submit in Ajax.
  159. In student and parent view, if current batch having no timetable setting, then redirect to dashboard with notices ‘Timetable not set.’
  160. Theme colour issue in the attendance mark button if the attendance is in subject wise.
  161. Mandatory field is not checking at the time of creating a new user.
  162. Prevent user (employee) self deletion when logged in.
  163. SMS text encoding problem in SaaS dashboard account SMS log.
  164. Date can be changed once the online Exam is published.
  165. Spanish Translations to be added for second time.
  166. Spanish Translations to be added.
  167. Suppose we mark leave after reset, then delete that marked leave, then that count should not add to the total leave count, reduce it from already taken leave.
  168. Going to dashboard while deleting the marked attendance of the newly admitted employees.
  169. 500 in student admission while uploading file(except image file)
  170. If instant fee plugin is not there in the fedena, then getting 500 error while searching revert transaction using advanced search.
  171. Open PDF report in a separate tab in the employee payslip view page.
  172. One click payslip revert is not reverting the payslip of the particular month.
  173. Round the decimal value in exam report and the PDF report.
  174. Inactivate all the payroll category and update the payroll from the employee profile, going to dashboard.
  175. Search using question mark symbol in the search field, getting 500 error for all the search.
  176. Should not show the inactive batch in the batch wise fee submission form. Only show in the fee defaulter’s page.
  177. 500 in employee attendance create.
  178. 500 in employee attendance update.
  179. Bracket is broken in the tutor assigned page when the language is in RTL.
  180. Client name is creating several times while clicking the save button continuously.
  181. Page break issue in the student PDF report.
  182. PDF report is showing the full report of the student.
  183. Fees receipt print PDF page break not proper.
  184. Brackets are broken in general settings page if the language is in RTL.
  185. Not showing any error if we try to upload tar file in the admission page, but showing page is unavailable.
  186. Style issue in the grouped exam report if the batch contains more than 7 exams.
  187. Style issue in the subject wise exam report PDF.
  188. Style issue in the student transcript report; remove the unwanted gap between the combined percentage and course wise combined percentage.
  189. 500 in other users change password page.
  190. Should not hide the employee list while assigning employees to the subject.
  191. Group tutors are not showing in the student PDF report.
  192. Pagination missing in Formative Assessment Items page.
  193. If the exam result is not published then the link is not active for the full text ‘Resend SMS notification’, only resend have link.
  194. Theme colour issue for the value in the student transcript page.
  195. Bracket is broken in the subject association page if the language is in RTL.
  196. Style issue in employee individual reset page.
  197. No need to show the blank table and PDF report if there is no employee present in the selected department, instead of that show flash message.
  198. No need to show the save button if there is no descriptive indicators.
  199. Style issue in the exam report graph if the subject code is too large.
  200. Template error in batches/index.
  201. CCE reports visible to student without results being published.
  202. Finance transaction graph is showing incorrect if the start and end dates are equal.
  203. Delete “Network State” from general settings page.
  204. Empty the list of students and message box after an SMS is sent.
  205. Add Spanish Translations for changes made to Fees.
  206. Not showing the unpaid fees of student in the previous batch if the student is transferred to another batch.
  207. Newly created batch shown in Timetable list although no timetable is created for new batch without class timing set defined.
  208. Move all association sending inside dispatcher block from lib file as it causes initialization issue in development server.
  209. Style issue in the Student Ranking per Subject PDF report if the batch has many exams.
  210. Style issue in the income list PDF if the receipt number is large.
  211. Style issue in the expense list PDF report.
  212. Should not show the batches those have not created any timetables while viewing the timetables.
  213. Time view is not updating while changing the batch in timetable edit entries only if there is no timetable in the selected batch.
  214. Bracket is broken in student transcript report page and PDF if the language is in RTL.
  215. Sorting departments are un-sorting while assigning an employee to a subject in subject association page.
  216. Getting 500 error while selecting the batch if we create the timetable before creating the class timings.
  217. Total number of working days count in attendance report is not changing after changing the end date of a batch.
  218. Change the style used in timetable view page (student login)
  219. Style issue in timetable view page.
  220. The consolidated exam report PDF report should be larger enough to be readable.
  221. Decimal issue in Payslip.
  222. Showing wrong flash message while clicking save without selecting any weightages.
  223. In the fees submitting form fees does not show a number and showing unpaid in student profile while changing the student category.
  224. We can add discount more than the fee by giving amount and percentage discount at a time.
  225. Consolidated report is not visible, increase the font size.
  226. Logo style is PDF of grouped exam report.
  227. After changing immediate contact, user profile is not updating.
  228. Style issue in the finance PDF report.
  229. Delete corresponding events when the original record is getting deleted (soft delete/hard delete).
  230. Link colour is taking as theme colour while hovering.


New features in Fedena Plugins:

App Frame

  1. App Frame new Plugin

Data Palette

  1. Data Palette new Plugin


  1. Additional Reports for Hostel


  1. Additional Reports for Inventory
  2. New role for basic Inventory privileges


  1. Additional Reports for Library


  1. Added the Title of Placement and Company Name in the Placement Reports


  1. Additional Reports for Transport


Issues fixed in Fedena plugins

Applicant Registration

  1. Can’t read the status of a student in applicant registration.
  2. Add space in between Pin and Group in flash message of “Pin Group was successfully created”.
  3. Additional detail field showing twice in the application registration edit and create form only when the field is mandatory.
  4. Can’t view applicants in admin, gives 500 error.
  5. If the students are already paid the registered amount, after that whatever changes made in the subject amount should not reflect in the student profile and print receipt.
  6. Showing different status after adding the pin number.
  7. Style issue in the view applicant page after the transaction is done.
  8. If no result to show, then show a flash message in application registration page.



  1. Can’t edit assignment.
  2. Alignment issue in assignment answered list.
  3. First two letters of student name is not showing in assignment answers page.
  4. Attachment icon missing.
  5. RTL style issue in the assignment show page.
  6. Style issue in the assignment show page while clicking the answered if the assignment is accepted by the employee.
  7. Students are still showing in the pending status of the previous batch assignment if we transferred the student to another batch.



  1. Any user can edit online meeting by directly going to the link.
  2. Getting 500 error while clicking join in online meeting rooms.


  1. Deactivated Blog should not appear in the feed.
  2. Wrong flash message showing in blog page.
  3. Wrong flash message showing after saving as draft in blog page.
  4. If no result to show then show a flash message in blog posts page.
  5. Blog settings issue in Admin Login.

Custom Import

  1. Translation issue in the custom import log details page.
  2. Find by id issue in exam wise report PDF.
  3. Custom Import fails if there are blank rows in the CSV uploaded.
  4. RTL style issue in the pagination link of custom import show page.

Custom Report

  1. After getting any error the page should move upward and show the error in custom report.
  2. Add Spanish Translations for Custom Report Privileges.

Data Export

  1. Finance transaction data export is getting failed.
  2. Each page showing only one entry in the data export pagination.
  3. Missing Admission Number/Employee Number in Data Export.
  4. Data Export plugin creating files in the application root.

Data Management

  1. 500 in asset_entries#create


  1. Complaints are not showing for Parents (sibling cases).
  2. Throwing 500 error in the discipline complaint view page if we try to upload the file without an extension.


  1. If there is no recent Comments found then Show the message in correct style.
  2. Style issue in discussion group edit page if the name is too large, check style in RTL also.
  3. Style issue in Discussion index pagination.

Email Alert

  1. Style issue in Email page at the time of selecting employee department.
  2. 500 while sending email.
  3. There is no flash message showing after saving email alert settings.
  4. Email alert: Settings doesn’t have flash message and email creation doesn’t preserves selection list in case of any error.
  5. If the siblings are in the same batch having the same immediate contact, it only sends one mail to the parent upon publishing exam schedule and result.

Fee Import

  1. After updating the fee collection for a particular student in fee import, it loads all other fee collections in the batch.
  2. Text colour showing red in the gallery photo adding page if the language is in RTL.
  3. Spelling mistake in import fee page, change payed to paid.


  1. Goes to dashboard while clicking the photo create URL directly in gallery.
  2. Select Employee in Gallery Add Photo not adding employee or wrong employee.
  3. Not possible to delete the selected employees from the photo adding page.
  4. Remove “Add Photo” and “New” link in student profile-Gallery page.
  5. Select All option is not working at the time of uploading photos in gallery page.
  6. Full Name of Student/Employee in Gallery Plugin.
  7. Update button alignment issue in Gallery Category page.


  1. Style issue in the hostel reports page.
  2. Error message is not showing at the time of creating room.
  3. After editing a hostel fee collection, it redirects to the fees of that batch.
  4. Amount showing zero in the hostel fees report.
  5. Same student name showing 3 times in search student list of hostel fee page.

Instant Fee

  1. Going to dashboard while clicking the instant fee in the transaction report.
  2. Style issue in the select payee field in the new instant fee create page only when the language is in Spanish and some other languages.
  3. Show full name of batch instead of showing the batch name in instant fee student search.
  4. Style issue in instant fees report page in transactions.


  1. Style issue in required field of inventory page.
  2. 500 in GRN page after selecting PO number.
  3. Amount showing zero in the inventory GRN report.
  4. Change the error message style in store_categories,store_types and stores page.
  5. After selecting a store item, store item selection box shaking due to loader image.
  6. Show percentage symbol next to tax addition in inventory.
  7. The boxes are not fixed in the store item list page, while selecting the store item, the boxes are moving.
  8. Single Quote (‘) value creating error in Purchase Order.
  9. Single Quote (‘) value creating error in the inventory store item.
  10. Indent cannot be deleted even if purchase order has been deleted.
  11. Throwing 500 error while creating purchase order without unit price.
  12. Getting 500 error while editing the purchase order and update with blank unit price.
  13. Style issue in the inventory transaction report page.
  14. Show the loader image in correct position.
  15. Indent is not showing for the privileged employee and the manager.
  16. Should not delete the employee permanently who have raised indents.
  17. Translation issue for ‘inventory_basics_privilege’ page.


  1. Style issue in Student info-Library details page.
  2. Library renew date showing wrong in calendar.
  3. Amount showing zero in the library transaction report.
  4. Change error message style.
  5. Change warning message style in book issue page.
  6. Prevent issuing binding books.
  7. Reference/lost book no need to redirect to issue book page.
  8. Error message is not removing after refreshing the page in book return page.
  9. Change the message style in book search.
  10. Style issue in book return page.
  11. Style issue in error message of details book search page.
  12. Change the view page of Detail book search.
  13. Alignment issue in flash message of book search.
  14. Show “This book cannot be issued or reserved” message in lost book page.
  15. Default status to be “All” in filter books drop-down list.
  16. Change the user name font colour in library book reserve message.
  17. After archiving student/employee getting 500 in the following.
  18. Change the flash message showing in library index page.
  19. 500 in book return page.
  20. Getting 500 error while changing the id of the room details page URL.
  21. Style issue in book return page if the book holder name is too large.
  22. Currently the library card is not being used, so remove library card from student profile.
  23. 500 while creating or updating a book if custom tag name is greater than 255 characters.
  24. Time shown after book reserved is +05.30 hours ahead of UTC always.
  25. Time shown in Book View page is +05.30 hours ahead of UTC always.


  1. 500 in student mobile timetable.
  2. 500 in employee_attendance#mobile_leave if the language is other than English, Hindi.


  1. Unable to update existing school record.
  2. 500 throwing in multi-school admin panel.

Oauth2 Provider

  1. Finance transaction and payroll categories not accessible even if logged in.

Online Exam

  • 500 in pay page of student login.
  • Style issue in the online exam edit option page.
  • Prevent student deletion if Online Exam Record is present and show archived student in the reset exam list.
  • 500 while clicking Finish button in online exam answering page.
  • Style issue in the online exam reset page if the student name is too large.
  • RTL style issue in save exam page.
  • Shouldn’t allow students to attempt an unpublished online exam.
  • 500 in online exam question creation page.
  • 500 in online exam index page in student login without selecting any exam.


  1. Blank page showing in PDF page.
  2. Deleted placement events are still showing in the calendar.
  3. Show placement event in calendar page of parent login.
  4. Placement privileged employee should have the permission to view the placement details in calendar.
  5. Placement registered students link should be corrected for Deleted students.
  6. After inviting students to placement, it should show in calendar as event.
  7. Show “Announce new placement” in inner-tab-menu.
  8. After editing a placement it’s not updating the corresponding event.

Tally Export

  1. Tally bulk export is getting failed.
  2. Going to dashboard while paying the finance fees.
  3. Account name creating many times while continuously hitting the enter button.


  1. Theme issue in add field button.
  2. Theme issue in calendar.
  3. Theme issue in admission Previous Details adding page.
  4. Theme issue in email plugin.
  5. After moving the cursor on the link, there is no color change in Documents page.
  6. Theme color issue in the blog activities page.
  7. Theme issue in forgot password link if oauth plugin is activated.


  1. Message style in transport view details page.
  2. Amount showing zero in the transport fees report.
  3. Show transport fee due date in calendar for admin, student and employee login.
  4. Show error message after saving due date before start date in transport fee collection page.
  5. Style issue in transport details edit page.
  6. Style issue in transport edit page, if the username is too large.
  7. Style issue in transport fee collection edit page.
  8. Should not create the transport fee collection for the students included in the inactivated vehicle.

For more information, doubts and suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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