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Manage teachers timetable with Timetable Tracker Feature by Fedena

Award-winning school management software Fedena is all set to launch a new feature called the Timetable Tracker. The advantage of this feature is that it helps you keep a track of your employees or teachers; who all are doing extra classes and who all missed their scheduled classes. A record of this kind of attendance is very important if you have hour-based payroll in your institution. Plus, you can do a monthly assessment of class allocation to any batch for a particular subject. Read this article and find out how the Timetable Tracker feature works.

Timetable Tracker: How it works

Login to your Fedena and click on Menu and go to ‘Timetable’ in ‘Academics’. Then, click on ‘Timetable’ and select ‘Timetable Tracker’. See the screenshot below:

There are two options in ‘Timetable Tracker’

  • Swap Timetable: This option is used to swap a timetable entry for a particular batch on a particular day.
  • Swapped Timetable Report: To get the report of all the employees doing overtime or lagging behind their schedule, based on timetable swap entry.

Swap Timetable –

Click on ‘Swap Timetable’ and select the batch as well as the date for which you want to manage timetable swapping. Once you select the batch and the particular date, the detailed entries with the class timings and subject along with the scheduled teacher will be given.

For timetable swapping, click on ‘Change and you get the chance to choose from department, employee, and subject.

Please note that:

For elective subjects like ‘Second Language’ in this case, the swapping won’t be available. When a teacher is archived for a subject after swapping, then the message ‘Deleted User’ will come in place of the employee name.

Swapped Timetable Report –

With ‘Swapped Timetable Report’, generate the timetable report for a particular time period to check who all conducted extra classes and which employee had skipped scheduled classes.

See who all missed classes and who all took extra classes. Get the details of the replacement status with ‘View Details’ option. A csv report is also available.

For hands-on experience, try Fedena 14 days free demo today.

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