The Must have Attendance Module for every Institution

The Must have Attendance Module for every Institution


Mark the attendance in a single click with Attendance module 

Take attendance of any class or extract an attendance report at the end of the year with the help of the Attendance module by Fedena. The module helps you take daily attendance of your students and create an attendance report for any kind of yearly evaluation at the end of a session. Go through the article and know about the module in detail.

What all you can do in the Attendance Module?

1. Reach the Attendance module through ‘Attendance’ in ‘Academics’, in the main menu.

When you select the ‘Attendance Register’, you can actually take attendance of your students. Click on ‘Attendance Register’ and then select the particular batch you want the attendance.

Select the batch and you get the attendance register of the month.

The module allows you to mark the absentees only. Click on the name in accordance to the date of absence and give the reason of absence.

2. Another option of the Attendance module is the ‘Attendance Report’ that helps you get a report of the attendance register for any batch. Once you select the batch, you will be asked to choose the mode of register- either monthly or overall. If the month-wise option is chosen, you have to select the respective month for which you want the report.

You get the report for the respective month. You can also filter the report with any particular mark. Plus, get a PDF report of the same using the ‘PDF Report’ option. While you use this module, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should have a timetable for the respective time period before moving to the attendance module.

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