Fedena Fees Import Plugin Helps you Set different Fee Collection Dates

Fees Import Plugin

Fees Import Plugin

With a good number of students, setting different fee collection dates can be a big task. Think about times when you have to set different fee collection dates for some students with special privileges. Fedena Fees Import Plugin helps you set different fee collection dates and also allot special fee collection dates. Check out how you can do it.

1. You will find “Schedule Fees Collection Date”  when you enter Fedena and go to ‘Finance’ in ‘Administration’. Once you are in ‘Finance’, click on ‘Fees’ and you will find “Schedule Fees Collection Date”.

2. Click on “Schedule Fees Collection Date”  and you will land on the page where you have to select ‘Create Fees collection’.

3. Next the form will appear where you have to select the fee category, batches, start and due date and more. From where you can select the batches and assign the different date according to your preference. Lastly click on ‘Create’.

4. Next, go to ‘Fees Import’ in ‘Fees’, there you have to select the batch for whom you have scheduled the fees.

5. After selecting batch the students and fees category will appear.

6. From there, by selecting individual students you can assign the fees category by check-marking in the box and clicking on assign.

This is just a preview of our robust school management software, to get a hands-on experience try our 14 days free trial today.

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