Start Discussions in your School with Fedena Discussion Module

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The Discussion module by Fedena is the right option for initiating a discussion within any group of employees and students. Just create a group and select the employees and students you want to include in your discussion, create the discussion topic and let the members be a part of it. Read the article and know how you can start a discussion using the Discussion module by Fedena.

Being the admin, when you want to start a discussion among a group, do that by logging to your Fedena account and select ‘More’. You will find ‘Discussion’ in ‘More’ and selecting it will take you to ‘Discussions- All discussions’ page. See the screenshot below:

When you want to start a new discussion, you need to create a new group with the ‘Create Group’ option.

Name the group and select the department as well as the course and the respective department teachers and students of the courses will become the participating members for the discussion. Once you save the new group, you will get a page where you need to write about the discussion topic.

Once you post the topic, it’s the job of the members to respond.

Login as a group member

If you are a part of the group for the respective discussion, you will be notified through an internal message about your selection. Login to your account and go to ‘More’ where you will find ‘Discussion’.

Click on the topic and you go to the page where you need to add your comment on the topic.

Post your comments and submit. Group members can add as many comments they want. Thus, the process of discussion is completed.

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