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Blogging is a great way to share ideas and communicate with others.Promoting blogging in a school, among teachers and students is indeed a great idea. Use Fedena’s Blog plugin to promote blogging among your students and employees. Read this article and know how this amazing plugin works.

If you are an employee or a student, just login to your Fedena account using your login credentials. Once you login, go to ‘Blog’ through ‘More’ in dashboard. Click on ‘Blog’ and you land on ‘Blog Home’ page.

The very first thing you need to do is to click on ‘Settings’ and set your username under which you are going to publish your blog.

When you plan to write a new blog, click on ‘My Blog’ in ‘Blog Home’ and click ‘New Post’.

Edit, Delete or Unpublish any of the blog posts you have already created. The option ‘Activities’ in ‘Blog Home’ will let you know what all comments you have received for the particular blogpost.

Anyone marking your blogpost as favorite can be seen with the number of stars you receive and it can be seen by each of the blog post in ‘Blog Home’.

The ‘Search’ option in ‘Blog Home’ is the one which you can use to search anyone else’s blog and read it. Search the particular name in ‘Search Blogs’ and find the blog writer whose blog you want to read.

It should be noted that the admin is not given the privilege to blog. She/he has to confer the privilege to another person who will act as the blog administrator.

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