Fedena Transport Plugin for Quick & Easy Transport Management

Fedena Transport Plugin for Quick & Easy Transport Management

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Managing transportation details for so many students and employees is time-consuming for the head of any school or the assigned officer. Keeping a track of vehicles, transportation route and fees is difficult to maintain properly. The Transport plugin by Fedena makes this job easy with various options to manage every important thing related to transportation. Check out what all options you can avail with the plugin to make management of transport an effortless task.
Reach ‘Transport’ plugin in the dashboard and after you click on it, you will reach the ‘Transport-Home’ page.
The ‘Transport’ plugin in details
Set Routes: You need to fix routes for transportation in order to let your students avail the transportation. To set routes, click on ‘Set Routes’ and you go to ‘Route Details’ page where you can add any new route or edit and delete any existing route.


Keeping a track of all the vehicles used in school transportation is very important. Add details about any vehicle using the ‘Add Vehicle’ button.

Transport: Search for any student or employee and get their transport details. Assign them transport, vehicle, transportation route as well as fare.



Transport fee: Transport fee details are available with this option.


You can create and see all the fee collection options with the help of ‘Manage Fee Collections’. When any transport user pays his/her transportation fee, use the ‘Pay Fees’ option to search for the particular user and pay the fees. Any transport fee defaulters in your school? You get the details for any particular fee collection month using ‘Defaulters’ option.

To know more about Fedena student information system and it’s features, try the free demo today!

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