Fedena Inventory Plugin to manage vital purchases of school

Inventory Plugin

Inventory Plugin

There are always some purchases that take place in every school and are a very important part of conducting classes every day. Suppose, without books, how will you run a library in your school? Similarly, without laboratory equipment, will it be ever possible to carry on with science practical classes? So, buying these essential items is important and what is more necessary is to keep a track of these purchases. The Inventory plugin by Fedena is the perfect option that will help you carry on the task effortlessly. Read about the plugin in details in the article.

Go to ‘Inventory’ through ‘Administration’ in the dashboard. Click on it and you will reach the ‘Inventory’ page.

The Inventory plugin features in detail:

1. Store Category: Create new store categories to store inventory items. Click on ‘Store Category’ and you go to the page where you need to fill in details for ‘Store Category’. Edit or Delete any of the categories you have created.

2. Store Type: Create types of the store you want, like, you can create a type named ‘General use’ or ‘Sports use’. ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ any of the ‘Store Type’ you have created.

3. Store: Create and manage different stores and also select the ‘Store Type’ and ‘Store Category’ for each of the store you create.

4. Store Items: Search the store and save the item in the particular store.

5. Supplier Type: The type of supplier for inventory items has to be stored in a particular manner. For example, you can have a supplier type like ‘Lab Equipments’.

6. Supplier: Store details of the supplier of the items by clicking on ‘New’ that will take you to the page where you need to put in all details about the supplier.

7. Indents: When you click on ‘Indents’, it will take you to the page where you need to create new indent which is nothing but a process to create a list of new items that you need to buy. Click on ‘New’ in ‘Indents’ and you get the page to put information.

8. Purchase Order: After you have made the Indents, you have to create the purchase Order too, to make sure that the items are ordered for purchase to the suppliers. For this, click on ‘New’ in Purchase Order and fill in the necessary information.

9. GRN: Once all your inventory items are bought, you can store all necessary information related to the item purchased with the help of this option. Click on ‘New’ in ‘GRN’ and you get the page where you can store all the details. You can even get the pdf for the GRN generated.

It’s always a smart idea to keep information or details of items purchased for school usage.

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