Fedena Instant Fees Plugin – For Smarter Short term Fees Management

Fedena Instant Fees


There are times when a school needs to collect fees for special events, Fedena’s ‘Instant fees’ plugin allows you to do that in just few simple steps. ‘Instant fees’ allows you to do all the management related to this type of temporary fees that might include donation for new school building, money for relief fund, teacher’s day collection, etc. This kind of fee is quite different from the one that is paid as monthly fee and needs to be dealt with separately. Use this plugin and your task of managing these fees becomes easier.
How to use Instant Fees

You can reach Instant Fees in the Dashboard through ‘More’, then to ‘Finance’ and finally to ‘Fees’. You will find the ‘Instant Fees’ option on the ‘Fees’ page. Once you click ‘Instant Fees’, it will take you to the respective page.


The options available for Instant Fee management
Manage Instant Fees:  This option allows you to manage the instant fees, right from creating category to adding particulars to the category. You can create new category using the ‘Add category’ option available. Click on ‘Add category’ and you get the page where you need to add all the details for the category.

When you need to add particular to the category, click on the particular category you have created and land on the page that offers you the option for adding particulars.


Pay Fees: When anyone pays the instant fees, you can mark that in the ‘Instant Fees’ section with the help of the ‘Pay Fees’ option. Select the payee and also the type of payee and click on the name.

Select the category for which the fee has been collected and click on ‘Pay Fees’ to mark the student among the ones who have paid. You can also print a receipt if you want with the ‘Print receipt’ option.
Transactions: The ‘Transactions’ option lets you know the details of all the transactions that have taken place in the particular category. Select the category and the details of all the transactions.
As you can see, you have to put a start and end date for the category to get the details of all the transactions. You can also revert back any particular transaction that has already taken place with the help of the cross sign available by each name.
To know more about Fedena student management software, Try the Free Demo today!

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