Assign Your Staff to subjects with Fedena

Assign Your Staff to subjects with Fedena

To let teachers in your institution to teach students, you have to assign them to subjects. The Employee Subject Association feature from Fedena school management software can help you with assigning teachers to subjects. Read this article and know how you can select teachers from particular departments and assign them to batches and subjects.

How Employee Subject Association Works

You can reach ‘Employee Management’ through the ‘More’ option in dashboard and then to ‘Human Resource’ and finally to ‘Employee Management’.

Click on ‘Employee Subject Association’ and you will land on a page where you will be asked to select batch and subject.

Once you select the batch and subject, you get the details about all the teachers who are already assigned and also the department which you need to select to get the names of the teachers and select the ones who you want to assign the subject.

You can assign any teacher from the department you select. Plus, you can also delete any teacher from the assignment. The next thing you need to do is to place the teachers in a particular timetable you want them to teach the respective batch. For this, go to the ‘Timetable’ option in your dashboard and click on ‘Edit Timetable’ option.

Click on ‘Edit entries’ to go to the Timetable page. Select the batch and you get details of the timetable for the particular batch. Select the subject and you get the names of the teachers assigned to the subject. You can drag any of the name to the timetable.

Fedena is an award winning school management software, trusted by 40,000 schools and 20 millions users worldwide. Contact us for more information.

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