5 Ways to Use Internet Productively

5 Ways to Use Internet Productively


Did you ever think about the amount of time you spend surfing the internet and is it likely that most of the time is spent on surfing things that are mostly non-productive. You can make the most of it by reading random articles that are good source of information or do something that is more refreshing. Read this article as we bring to you some interesting websites to look to while surfing the internet and make some productive usage of time.

1. Woopid: This is a website that you can definitely check out for training videos related to technology. The site contains thousands of tutorials and videos for any questions concerning your Macs, PCs or any software application. Get all help and you can also be a part of it through your participation and answers.

2. Vocabulary: Want to improve your vocabulary through some fun activities? Then you must surely check out this option which allows you to learn new words as you play The Challenge. Any word you miss, add them to a list and learn them.

3. TED: TED brings together some of the greatest doers and thinkers who are welcomed to deliver the best talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less. You can watch these inspirational videos in the website.

4. Howstuffworks: If you are curious enough to know how certain things work, then this is the place you should spend much of your time. A subsidiary of Discovery Communications, Howstuffworks offers you easy to understand facts, right from how engines work to formation of stem cells.

5. Instructables: Love creating things on your own and you are at the right place with Instructables offering very well described, step-by-step articles on creating things like making a 3D art or repairing torn clothes. If you are a do-it-yourself person, then spend sometime at Instructables.

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