10 iPad Apps that will make your Child Smart

10 iPad Apps that will make your Child Smart

Little children, nowadays, are so attracted to electronic devices and can spend hours on iPads, fun books and phones, playing games. If you are worried about your kid spending more and more time in iPads, doing nothing but playing; you must read this article and find out what are the best apps that can help your child learn while spending endless time in the iPad. Load your iPad with these apps and let your child play and learn with the device!
1. Super Why! – Let your kid be the SUPER WHY! and learn a lot of useful things like rhyming, reading and writing skills, improve vocabulary or learn how to complete sentences and a lot of others that will surely be of great help to your kid.

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2. Learn to Read! – This app will help your child learn how to read and is perfect for children of Kindergarten to second grade. Easy texts to read, voice prompts are the good features of this app.

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3. Booksy – A nice platform to learn how to read, Booksy allows children to download books to improve their comprehension and you, as a parent, can also monitor their progress with the help of user stats.

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4. C is for Cow – This is an app that help kids learn letter recognition and phonetics. Children love to know the names of animals and their sounds.

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5. Letter Lab – Let your children learn and write English alphabets in both uppercase and lowercase using their fingers. It also has audio component that teach real-world objects.

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6. Phonics Easy Reader – Memory words, short vowel sounds, combinations and more are included in this app. Your child will have the option to read a story all by himself or can also choose to be read aloud.


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7. Scholastic Reading Timer – Let your child develop the habit of reading with iPad using this app and you keep track of his/her reading progress. The app has stopwatch like thing that will record your child’s reading minutes.

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8. Word Magic – When children use this app in iPad, they will find words with missing letters with a photo of the object. This app is very popular among kids and their parents for its simple yet attractive design.

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9. Read Me Stories – Daily reading habit is a must for your child to learn and develop and Read Me Stories is the perfect app for this as it allows to read a new book every day. Good features include exploration of storylines and highlighting characters.

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10. Story Patch – This app will let your child create and develop picture books using the available story themes, characters and illustrations.

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