Use Fedena Student Information System to Manage and Assign Subjects to Students

Fedena Student Information System

Fedena Student Information System

Managing subjects and assigning them to students is made easy with Fedena student information system and its subject management feature. Create your own subjects, be it a normal subject or the ones that are available as electives using this amazing feature by the award-winning school management  software. Read through and you will know how you can create and assign subjects to students.

How to Create and Assign Subjects with Fedena Student Information System

Login to your Fedena student information system account and go to ‘Manage Subject’ in ‘Settings’ option in Dashboard and you land on a page that will ask you to select a batch. Once you select the batch, you get the details about what all normal subjects and elective groups that you can create for the particular batch. If you want to add normal subjects, then click on ‘Add Normal subject’. For creating new elective group, click on ‘New Elective Group’ under which you create new subjects as elective subjects.
Once you create the elective group, you have the option to create new subjects under the group for which you need to click on ‘Add’ on the right-hand side. For e.g- we have created an elective group named ‘Pass paper’ under which we need to add new subjects.
For subjects in elective group, you need to assign students to it. Whoever you want to assign, you need to go to the individual subject and assign students.
To assign everyone in the list, click on ‘Assign All’. To remove all the assigned student, click on ‘remove All’ and there options to remove or assign individual students that can be found by each of the name. Once you create subjects, you can move to your next step where you can create timetables for your students and conduct exams too.
Fedena is a complete student information system that lets you manage student data very easily. If you run a school and want to install Fedena, get in touch with us at:

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