Student Search made Easy with Fedena Student Information System

Student Search made Easy with Fedena Student Information System


The award-winning student information system, Fedena is user-friendly and offers modules and features that are easy to deal with. Being the head of your school, you have to manage a lot of things, sometimes working out of the way to make things fall in place. Searching through the vast database of student information is indeed a tough task to do. But with Fedena, the task is a lot easy as it offers smarter and better ways to search for students. Read this article and know how the different ways available with Fedena facilitates your search for students.



Different ways to search a Student with Fedena Student Information System

With Fedena, you search for students very easily, with the help of the various ways that are available in the software.


1. Search students using their admission number: You can search about any particular student if you have his/her admission number with you. For this, you need to go to ‘Dashboard’ and click on ‘Students Details’, it will take you to the search page where you can type the admission number and search for the student.


2. Search students using the first name or the last name: If you have the first name or the last name of a particular student that you want to search for, you can use the ‘Search’ option to do so. Below are two screenshots for searching students with first name and last name respectively.



3. Search students using the action search option in top menu: The action search option is available in top right. Type the first name or the last name of the student and find the respective student. When you type the first or last name of the student, make sure you select the option ‘Search students’, when you are looking for student.


4. Advanced Search: This is a great option when you want to search for students on the basis of any particular information like blood group and country. You can go to ‘Advanced Search’ via ‘Students Details’ and clicking on ‘Advanced’ available on the top right.



5. Search Former Students: You can also search for former students using the ‘Student Details’ search option. ‘Advanced Search’ also offers you the chance to search for former students.



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