Send SMS to Teachers, Students or Parents with Fedena School Management System

Send SMS to Teachers, Students or Parents with Fedena School Management System


Sending messages to students, teachers and parents is now an easy task to accomplish and thanks to award-winning student management system, Fedena which allows you send messages to all of the above mentioned recipients, individually or through automated mode. Read this article and know what the messaging system of Fedena has to offer you.


You find the ‘SMS module’ in ‘Settings’ and you need to click on ‘Application’ in ‘SMS settings’ page. Once it is selected, it will activate the ‘SMS Home’ page, the screenshot of which is shown below.



SMS Settings: On clicking this, you will be taken to the settings page where you need to click on application to update the details of the sms settings that you have purchased. The other ‘General SMS Settings’ options are also there which you need to select according to your needs. ‘Student Admission’, ‘Exam Schedule/Result’, ‘Attendance’ and ‘Events’ are the sections when selected, will generate messages to send to employees, students or parents, whoever is selected. Whoever you select to send the SMS, will appear in the SMS settings page.


Send SMS to Batches: If you want to send messages to a particular batch, you can use this.


SMS to Employee departments: Select any of the department employees that you want to send message to and write the message in the message box provided below.


SMS logs: If you want to see the details and history of the messages already sent, then click on SMS logs and you get all the details.


Send SMS to students: When you want to send messages to students, click on the batch and the particular students or select ‘All’.


Send SMS to employees: Just like students, you send messages to employees as well and the respective department.


Send SMS to all: Send messages to all- students, employees and parents with this option.


The SMS settings is not available with Fedena. You need to buy from SMS API providers and use it with Fedena school management system. Read more:

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