Read How OM Networks from Nepal Became an OEM Gold Partner of Fedena School ERP

OMOM Networks Pvt. Ltd from Nepal is dedicated to provide the best and effective IT solutions to its clients. Today, they talk about what made them become an OEM Gold partner of Fedena School ERP software, in a conversation with Foradian.

Q. Tell us more about Om Networks.

OM Networks: Om Networks Pvt. Ltd is based on principal of providing cost effective IT solution to our clients by offering best talent professionals and resources to communicate, compete and succeed in rapidly changing world. We take great pride in being able to access to world class products through our key relationships with manufacturers. Om Networks has been providing clients with most appropriate turnkey solution, incorporating technology choice, software, equipment supply and services.

Q. How is the present education sector in Nepal?

OM Networks: Schools are mainly of two types: public (community) and private (institutional). Though these institutes are speeding to provide quality and global standard education, there are still some problems and challenges. Education management, quality, in relevance, and access are some of the critical issues of education sector in Nepal. Resource crunch has always been a problem in education.

Q. How did you come to know about Fedena? What you liked about Fedena?

OM Networks: To overcome the critical issues of the education sectors, we had gone through research and study of the best and complete ERP for schools and colleges. We found FEDENA which can almost solve those issues in managed way. Fedena is just an amazing product, beautifully designed with plug-in architecture and is very much futuristic. Being cost effective and user friendly, most of the schools and colleges would like to use it to manage their institute properly. And FEDENA can be taken as the best MIS (Management and Information system) in land of Nepal.

Q. You are an OEM Gold partner of Fedena. What made you become an OEM Gold partner?

OM Networks: Because of the following reasons, we went ahead with the OEM Gold partner.

  • For source code to be installed in Local server if needed to our clients.
  • As Om Networks is IT company, we need each and every training, features and plug-in of your product.
  • For research and development of third party plugins supporting API with source code architecture.
  • For the exclusive and sole partnership with your company in territory of Nepal.

Q. What are your future plans as OEM partner?

OM Networks: As FEDENA is a complete ERP, user-friendly, customization and futuristic product, Om Networks assure to provide this service to all the institutions in Nepal corresponding with their own management being your OEM gold partner.

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