Login your Favorite School Management Software Fedena using Google

Login your Favorite School Management Software Fedena using Google

Fedena School Management Software Google integration

What will happen in case you forget your Fedena login details? No need to worry as we bring to you a smart solution to it. We present Fedena’s Google app integration that saves you from the ordeal of losing your username and password. It lets you login your Fedena school management software account using your Google login details. If you have a Gmail account, use it to login your Fedena account. All these details are available as you go through the article.




Google  Integration in Fedena School Management Software


Being the admin of your Fedena school, you have to change the General Settings to let users (students and employees of your school) use the facilities of Google app integration. For this, you need to go to ‘Settings’ in Dashboard and then to ‘General Settings’ in it. In ‘General Settings’, you have to click on ‘Enable Oauth’ which will offer the users with the option of using their Gmail login details. (Admin can get access to the ‘Enable Oauth’ option only when the ‘Oauth’ plugin is enabled).


Once ‘Enable Oauth’ is opted, users like teachers, students and other employees will have the option to login with Google login. So, when they try to login to their Fedena account, they will get an option of logging with Google account.


On clicking the option, users will be able to login with Google account details.


Login and get a confirmation page.

Click on ‘Accept’ and being the user, you login to your account. You can access your Google Docs through your Fedena account for which you need to select the ‘Google Docs’ option in ‘Settings’. You can see your Google Docs as well as upload new ones too!

Google app integration is available for all- teachers, students, parents and other employees too in the school.

Find more information at: http://support.fedena.com/support/solutions/articles/141814-how-to-add-the-google-oauth-settings-in-your-saas-account

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