Planning to Study Abroad? Know the pros and cons Before Moving Ahead

Planning to Study Abroad? Know the pros and cons Before Moving Ahead


Studying abroad is a dream come true for many and the whole new experience of getting education in a new country, amidst new culture can be a thrilling opportunity. The very thought of living your life on your own in a new land, in a completely different social environment can sound exciting, but before taking this crucial decision that’s going to make or break your career, you must take a look at both the benefits and disadvantages of choosing universities abroad.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has its own brighter side- it can give you an entirely different academic experience, sometimes letting you go for courses that are not available in your own country. Universities in some countries allows you to take up subjects according to your choice from their flexible study programmes. Degree from a foreign university will surely be the sparkle in your curriculum vitae and increases your employment opportunities. Your degree will also showcase your abilities to survive in different ambiance, your confidence in studying courses from a different cultural viewpoint which will attract employers towards your varied knowledge and exposure.

You get a chance to meet new people, culture and carve out a life of yourself, share your own culture with others and learn new language. Discipline and self-reliance are other virtues that will automatically fall into your life soon after you start your independence as a student in a foreign country. A lot of responsibility in leading your life in an unknown land teaches you good lessons of life.

Drawbacks of Studying Abroad

When you make up your mind to go for foreign universities, you must consider the downsides as well. If you are not comfortable with the idea of staying away from your family for a good period of time, then studying abroad is not your cup of tea! Settling down in a new culture and habits, putting up with new weather patterns might be a big concern for you. The ability to adapt is what can help you survive.

Language can also be a big barrier for students in non-English speaking countries. Holidaying in a country with a different language is immensely different from studying there. But nowadays, non-English speaking countries are also coming up with courses and programs in English. Another very potent issue is the funding for courses in foreign universities. So, you need to be careful while choosing courses in foreign countries, especially if you belong to a third world country and planning to enroll in colleges in first world country.

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Plus, it is important that you must consider whether the credits you earn in foreign university can be used in institutions in your country. Even if you can’t transfer the credits, that should not be a matter of concern, particularly if you aim for universities in the same country, for further studies.

In any case, whatever you join or plan to do, you have to be prepared for both the brighter as well as the darker side. Mere difficulties should not demotivate you once you have made up your mind for studying abroad. But a smart move with all these pros and cons in mind can help you take the right decision for your studies abroad.

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