Manage Hostels & Dormitories Effortlessly with Fedena’s Hostel Module

Manage Hostels & Dormitories Effortlessly with Fedena’s Hostel Module

Now you have a better way to control your hostel and manage it effortlessly. Wonder how? Award-winning school management software, Fedena offers you the solution- the Hostel module which has answers to all your problems related to hostel management. Be it the problem of keeping a track of fee defaulters or allocating rooms to new students, everything is easily maintained using this amazing module of Fedena. Read this article to know more details about the Hostel module in Fedena.


Fedena’s Hostel module in Detail

Login with your admin account and go to ‘Hostel’ in ‘Dashboard’ where you will find various sections under the ‘Hostel’ module and they are described in details below.


Hostel: This section of the module will show you all details related to various hostels that you created. You also have the privilege to ‘Add hostel’ here in case you have created a new hostel. View details about each of the hostel and also ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ any information you want.


Rooms: Every detail about rooms will be displayed once you select the hostel and there as well, you can ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ any information you want to change. Plus, a room can be added using the ‘Add Room’ option available in both the pages.


Room allocation: When you want to allocate a room to any student, you should use this part of the module. All you need to do is to search for the student, select and then allocate him/her to any particular hostel and on the basis of availability of room, you can allocate to the student.


Fee collection: Fee collection offers you two benefits- to create new fee collection dates for residents in the hostels using ‘Create fee collection’ and display of all fee collection dates with the help of ‘View’. When you create new fee collection dates, you need to select the the batch or batches you want to apply the fee collection timetable.


Hostel fee pay: When any hostel resident pay their fee, you must also mark that in Fedena and you can do so with the “Hostel fee pay’ option in the module. Select the class and the fee collection date before you get the list of students with fee dues for the period. Click on ‘Pay Fees’ for the respective student.


Hostel fee defaulters: If you want see all the hostel fee defaulters for a particular fee collection date, use this part of the module. Select the class and the collection date and you will get the list of defaulters for that particular time period.


Pay student hostel fee: When you want to search any particular student and mark his/her payment of hostel fees, this option is the right one. You just need to search the name and after selecting the name, you have to select the fee collection date as well. Mark if their fees are paid and you can also get a print out of the receipt if you need to hand it over to the student.

All-in-one hostel module is the right tool to manage your hostel effortlessly, controlling everything right from room allotment to fee collection.

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