Sharing Pictures made Easy with Fedena Gallery Plugin

Fedena Gallery


Sharing pictures with employees and students is now made easy with the amazing Gallery plugin from Fedena. At times, you may need to share important screenshots and pictures with your students or your employees, you might have been using your email for that. Sending them as attachments. But with the Gallery plugin by Fedena, no emails and attachment required. Share pictures and media in few simple steps. Learn how.

The Gallery Plugin

If you are the Admin, you have the privilege to upload pictures and share it with your students or employees. Just go to your dashboard and find ‘Gallery’ in ‘More’.


You have the option to create new categories and upload photos in that.


Give a name to the category and save. Once the category is created, you will be asked to upload new photos or edit any existing photos in the category.


‘Add photo’ when selected will take you to a page where you need to upload the photo and also give some extra information like ‘Photo name’, any department you want to direct the photos to or any particular batch you want to select. In both ‘Department’ and ‘Batches’, you have to select any one from each of them and also, select the names you want in particular, or else ‘Select All’ which will select all the names.


The names you select in both employees and students, will see the uploads in their respective accounts in gallery section. Only the selected people will be able to see the photos. Its only the admin and the privileged user who can upload and share photos with students and employees.

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