Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE) – Imparting Interdisciplinary Education, Applied Knowledge and Entrepreneurship

A newly established institution located at Korangi Creek, Karachi, sprawling over an impressive 70, 000 sq feet of space, KITE or Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship offers all state-of-the-art facilities including interactive classrooms, lecture theaters and seminar rooms that help students to pursue the best of education. KITE aims to be ‘tech-centric’ and for this, they have one ‘E-library’ that has a great collection of online materials and books. A lot of focus is also put on sports and other curricular activities as well and they have the sports area that facilitates all kind of sport activities, both indoor and outdoor.
Importance has also been laid on the ecosystem of interdisciplinary education, applied knowledge and entrepreneurship for which KITE offers a Technology Incubation Center (KITE-TIC) and Professional Development Center (KITE-PDC). These are efforts to boost among students, practical work experience, academia-industry research and continued learning.

The Education Enrichment Foundation or EduEnrich is the sponsoring body for KITE and this non-profit organization is dedicated to meet the growing demand for quality science and technology, social sciences, entrepreneurship, arts and humanities education in the country. The need for this kind of boost is the fact that there is a lack of proper career guidance, good number of unemployment among graduates and the urgent need for an immediate reaction that is required to address these problems. In fact, EduEnrich is working hard to create proper educational opportunities for the youth of Pakistan.

KITE has been dedicated for long to provide its students the chance for global competitiveness for which the institute is at present working on Transfer of Credits in collaboration with universities in other foreign countries like Canada, America and Malaysia that will allow their students to study in these universities for one semester or two. Then, there is the Career Office that works towards helping candidates gets the best work placement during summer with the partner companies. At KITE, education that is not just theoretical, but they work hard to offer their students full-time internships, live sessions with professionals and exciting ideas and start-up ventures.

You can visit KITE at: http://kite.edu.pk/

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