Fedena Messaging System – For Better Communication with Students and Teachers

The admin of any institute has a lot to manage. What would he do if he needs to send out some information to the teachers and students? This is where Fedena – your school management software comes to your help. Award winning Fedena allows you to send messages across teachers and students or any particular student or teacher easily without the hassle of using notices. Now that there is a better way to do it, then why stick to the old notice board which at times fails to notify the way it should be.

If you are a Fedena user, you can use the messaging system to notify or send any message to your students and teachers. This article will guide you through the process of creating and sending messages.
How to create and send messages using Fedena

  • If you are admin, just login to your Fedena account and go to the ‘Messages’ option to the top right corner of the dashboard and click.
  • Once you click on ‘Messages’, you will be taken to a separate page which asks you to select ‘Create’ in order to create message and send them to whoever you want to.
  • Clicking ‘Create’ will take you to the page where you have to write the message and select the recipients to whom the messages are to be sent.
  • Select the department as well as the staffs you want to send messages or you can ‘Select All’ if the message is meant for all. The same goes for students and type the subject of the message and the message itself before sending. When the recipient receives messages, he/she can see all unread messages in bold.

This messaging facility is equally useful for students and teachers who want to send messages to the admin and to other teachers and students. For a faster and easier way to get connected to your students and staffs, use the messaging system of Fedena.

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