How to Get Started with Fedena – Basic Settings Explained in Detail

Fedena wants to know about your institution right when you start using this award-winning product. A lot of information has to be stored to let Fedena know your institution in detail like Name of the institution, address of the institution, what grading system you want to follow for examinations conducted at your school, which are all part of the General Settings. A whole lot of other information fields are there in the General Settings which you will get to know in detail in this article.

The Required Fields
  1. School/College Name: You need to enter the name of your school or college.
  2. School/College Address: The address of your institution.
  3. School/College Phone: The contact number for your institution.
  4. Student Attendance Type: You can set the attendance type as subject wise or a daily attendance both of which are provided in dropdown. In case of daily attendance, the attendance can be taken daily (forenoon and afternoon).
  5. Financial year start date: With the help of the dropdown calendar, you can set the date for the start of the financial year of your institution.
  6. Financial year end date: A dropdown calendar will help you set the end date for the financial year.
  7. Starting receipt number: You can set a starting receipt number for the receipts of transactions you received under the finance category. You can name it anything like Xaviers1 and it is auto incremented.
  8. Language: Set the language you want. Fedena offers a whole set of languages to choose from the dropdown.
  9. Time zone: Select the time zone you are in from the dropdown.
  10. Country: Mention the country you are in.
  11. Currency type: It’s important to set the currency using which all transactions will be carried on in your institution.
  12. Upload logo: You can easily upload the logo of your institution and this will allow you to have the logo of your school in the header of all generated reports. But keep in mind, the logo should have a maximum size of 500KB and resolution of 150×110.
  13. Network State: The network state will be Online in case the application is communication with an SMTP server via internet. If not, then select Offline.
  14. Include Grading Systems: You can select any of the grading formats for examinations conducted in your institution.
  15. Moodle URL: Integrate your Moodle data with Fedena with the help of this option.
  16. Select theme: Fedena offers you a list of themes to select from.
  17. Enable auto increment student admission number: This option can let you increment the student admission number in admission forms automatically.
  18. Enable auto increment employee number: Just like the option above, this option too lets you enable auto increment employee number during the time of their recruitment automatically.
  19. Enable News Comment moderation: Only when the admin or the privileged employee approves a comment then it will be visible to other users if this field is checked.
  20. Enable sibling: When this option is chosen, the system will automatically ask for siblings if any during the time of admission of any new student.
  21. Enable first time login change password: When this option is chosen, any user will be asked to change the password when he/she logins for the first time to the system.
  22. Enable Oauth: When you select this option, you will be allowed single sign on using your personal Gmail account. This will allow you to log into Fedena using your Google account.


The General Settings is the very first thing that you need to do when you use Fedena for your institution. This article will surely guide you right through the process.


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