7 Interesting Reports that you can Generate in Fedena

Are you looking forward to generating different kinds of reports using Fedena? You will be amazed to know that this award-winning school management software actually lets you do it with much ease. You can generate reports on some rare topics as ‘Female employees doing overtime who require transportation’ or ‘Students who have not submitted their assignments’ etc. So, when you need to generate such unique reports, all you need to do is to log in to Fedena and makes some interesting reports.

Today, we talk about 7 of the most amazing reports that you can actually generate for your use:

1. Employee Payslip Report

There might be times when you want to know where do all the money is spent in a particular department. Keeping a check on the expenses is always a good and intelligent idea to do. For this, you need to login to your Fedena and go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Human Resource’ and finally to ‘Employee payslip’. Enter the department and the month for which you want the expense list. The ‘View’ option, when selected will give you the list of employees for the department and you get details about the money actually spent on employees of the department.

2. New Student Report

Do you ever think of measuring the performance of the agents who help you with getting new students admitted to your school? Do it easily with Fedena and know the students who got admitted through a particular agent. How you do it? Go to the dashboard and to ‘Menu’ and then to ‘Custom report’. Here, you can create a ‘New Student Report’ and select the necessary fields you want to include in your report.

3. Attendance Report

When it comes to letting students sit for an exam, you need to be very strict. And students with a certain percentage of attendance should only be allowed to sit for the exam. How to find it? Go to Fedena dashboard and then to ‘Attendance Report’ in ‘Attendance’. Select the batch and the month and year of which you want the report. Finally, the attendance percentage that you want to make a benchmark of.

4. Employee Perk Report

If you have special plans and perks for employees who have joined after a particular time period that is also possible to generate with the help of Fedena. Go to the dashboard and to ‘More’, then ‘Human Resource’ and ‘Employee Search’. Go to ‘Advanced’ and type the time period for which you need the information. You need to enter the month and year and you get the result.

5. Placement Report

For your souvenirs and pamphlets of your institute, you definitely need the placement information of previous years, especially when there is something to boast off. Go for the ‘Archived placements’ in ‘Placements’ when you click on ‘More’. Select the placement event and get the report of the students who got placed during that event.

6. Assignment Report

Evaluate the performance of your students by checking on their assignments. But first, know who all submitted and who did not. From the dashboard, go to ‘More’ and then to ‘Assignment’ and select the assignment for which you want to see the performance of students for that assignment. You will get to know who all submitted and the assignments that are still pending.

7. Employee Overtime Report

Thinking of providing your female employees with transportation in case they do overtime and you don’t know who all stay back for overtime? Just use your Fedena and get the list easily. But the first thing you need to do is to create an additional field called ‘Overtime’ and select the field when an employee is going for it. Then you can create a custom report with the information you want to include in the report to find out the respected employees. A screenshot of the page which requires you to select the fields to be included in the report is shown below:


Now that you know about reports that you can generate in Fedena, one thing that you must be sure that there are infinite possibilities of creating many more reports like this in Fedena. These 7 reports are just a few of a huge collection.
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