Introducing the Improvised Class Timing, Week Days & Timetable Workflow in Fedena

We have introduced a new feature for grouping class timings(with weekdays) and assigning the grouped class timing to single and multiple batches of your institution. With this feature, you can save a lot of time in managing the institution and you will get optimized and error-free attendance report of past batch timings in Fedena. Class timings and weekdays for a batch can be changed now without affecting the existing timetable and older timetable. New settings will take effect after a new timetable is created.

Before explaining the benefits, let us find out the problems and challenges with the old method.

Challenge 1: 

Most of the institutions change the class timings more than one time during an academic year. Even though this is less likely for K-12 education, it is a frequent process in Higher Education.

For example, the 2013 batch of Mechanical Engineering in a college will start with class timings 9 am to 5 pm. But after some months there is a high probability that the class timings might be changed to 10 am to 6 pm. With the old method of class timing configuration, you have to manually set the class timing each and every time the change happens. There is no way to automate the process even if it is a standard in your institution to have multiple class timings in a single academic year. The first challenge is the time wasted in manually configuring class timing changes.

Challenge 2: 

Once a new class timing is applied to an existing batch in the old method of manual configuration, all past data of attendance will be lost if the option of subject wise attendance was active.

To solve these challenges our product team has innovated the way class timings & weekdays are configured in Fedena:

Instead of manually tweaking the class timings each and every time, we have introduced the following concepts.

  • You can create class timing sets(including weekday configuration) which are independent of batches. ex: Summer timings, Special day timings, Winter timings, etc..
  • These class timings with week days can be assigned to preferred batches any time of the academic year using a simple user interface
Assigning 3 batches to Summer Timings

Note: You will have to create a fresh timetable once the new class timings are assigned to a batch.

You can download the feature documentation here. Some screenshots are given below.

Screenshot 1: Access Class timing sets from the Timetable module

Class timing sets
Screenshot 2: Create new class timing sets or manage existing

Create & Edit new class timing sets

Screenshot 3: Create & manage class timings

Create & Edit class timings

Note 1: A class timing set once used in timetable or the class timings in that once used, both cannot be deleted

Note 2: Workflow of the weekday is not changed, but changing of weekday and class timing set in between a calendar year is possible for a batch, but it will not take effect until new timetable is created, all older timetable is kept as such in that case.

Note 3: After getting this new update, class timing sets will be created by default for each batch, however, you may find that a particular class timing set can be used for multiple batches, feel free to update those as per the need.

Download the feature documentation

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