How to use Fedena’s New Sibling Management Feature?

How to use Fedena’s New Sibling Management Feature?
 Does your institution have more than one child of the same parents as students? Congrats. A sibling of an existing student joining your institution proves the trust and loyalty of the parents in the school’s vision and administration. Fedena is set to launch a new feature – Sibling Management that will minimize the effort of the admin to enter and store parents’ information once again when a sibling of an already existing student gets admitted to the school.
Being the admin of any educational institution, you had to go through the ordeal of filling up information related to parents during the time of admission of any new students. It can become even more painful if you have to store the same information once again in case any sibling of an existing student gets admitted to your school. But your work can be made easy with the help of this new feature of Fedena. If you are eager to know how your workload can be simplified, read through the article about this amazing feature.

The step-by-step manual:

Step 1:
Firstly, being the admin, you need to make some changes in the General Settings to enable the sibling feature. For this, go to ‘General Settings’ from ‘Settings’ in the Dashboard. In ‘General Settings’ click on ‘Enable Sibling’ option.

Step 2:
Go back to ‘Dashboard’ and click on to ‘Admission’ to fill in the details of the new sibling getting admitted to your school. Once you save the name and other details and click on ‘Save & Proceed’, you will be taken to the page which will help you add the sibling to the existing student.

You can find the required student to whom you need to add the sibling by using the ‘Search’ option and this would add the parent details of the existing student to the new sibling getting admitted.
Step 3:
In case, you want to change the sibling added to the existing students, you can do it using the ‘Configure sibling’ option that is available in the guardians’ page. The guardian’s page can be reached by clicking on the student’s profile and you have the ‘Guardians’ option on right-hand top bar.

Once you go to the guardians’ page, you will get the option of configuring sibling.

Step 4:

When any parent login, he or she can easily switch to any of the children and see the details and the present thread will showcase details of the particular child until it is changed or switched. 

This feature will surely help you save some useful time and invest the time in things that are more important and relevant. For a smarter way to do this, switch to Fedena.

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